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  • Hi!

    Did you mention that you removed the Red Herring forms or did I dream that up? The amount of spam that gets through now has increased by a factor of, I would say, 3 or 4. Could it be that all those were caught by Red Herring form fields? It would be nice to get them back then. If they interfere with themes, they could be optional but I guess I really want them back. Can we have it back, please, sometime soon?


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  • The honeypot links and red herring forms worked well. They were a pain because they broke many themes. I am working on a honeypot widget that can be installed and put the forms back on the web pages without breaking them.

    The big difference that causes spam to slip through is many customers are being served by cloudflare and don’t even know it. The plugin checks for cloudflare and ignores any attempts coming through. It looks like I might have to add the functionality of the cloudflare plugin where customers don’t install it themselves.


    I finished the Red Herring Form Add-on and I am checking it.

    I have already stopped 6 Chinese spam attempts and it has only been running for a minute or two. I will put it on the beta test page tomorrow if it doesn’t crash anything over night.


    Your site gives me “Invalid Plugin Request” errors for any beta plugin. What gives?

    I changed the script. It turns out it had problems with my sloppy javascript in IE. I hate IE.


    Javascript? Heh, that figures. Why would I expect anyone to provide download links with javascript? Of course, javascript is switched off, as it should be, in my browser 🙂

    I had problems with robots downloading the plugins.

    I made it a form with javascript doing the submit so that the spiders would not cost me any more bandwidth.


    Okay, I set it up, the forms are generated, let’s see what it will bring. Thanks.

    On Out of 1,784 spammers since 2/27. 585 were stopped by red herring forms. These probably would have been stopped by another check, but it is nice to see how stupid the spammer code is.

    The other 1200 or so were largely admin password guessing attempts.

    I have to find a way to block wp-login with admin as an id using htaccess. I don’t need the bandwidth.


    Yep. Works nicely, a steadily increasing number of blocked spammers. Thanks!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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