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[Resolved] Red Hat OS vs CentOS 4 vs CentOS 5

  • I’m migrating from a Godaddy.com Windows 2003 server to a godaddy.com Linux server.

    I’m wondering if there is any compelling reason for choosing any of the three options over the other options?

    Option 1: Red Hat Fedora Core 7
    Option 2: CentOS 4
    Option 3: CentOS 5

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  • if they give an option, go with centos5

    Fedora is bleeding edge and Centos 5 is the latest version of Centos, so go with that one.

    CentOS 5 would be my personal choice as well.

    Although I believe both share their heritage with RHEL, I think xavierp nails it when he says Fedora is a bleeding edge distribution. I think it may in fact be more or less considered a testing or proving ground for some potential features or applications not yet completely ready for a production environment. CentOS on the other hand, if I am not mistaken, is RHEL recompiled from source and simply redistributed minus all the RedHat branding. I have used both on my personal server projects, and CentOS has been hands down my favorite, as well as rock solid.

    Excellent, thanks for the feedback everyone!

    As a result I’ve installed CentOS 5. And this weekend I get to learn how to use Linux. 🙂

    really, youre gonna learn Linux in a weekend, eh? muahahah.:)

    The force is strong in this young Padawan…


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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