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    Hello and first of all: Thanks for this plugin!

    Testing this plugin, the following problem comes up:
    I have the glossary entries »Lorem ipsum« and »ipsum«. In a post in which “Lorem ipsum” appears, I get this, and only this (the rest of the post isn’t visible):

    Lorem ipsum
    Glossary-text, also with ipsum
    = “glossary-tooltiLorem ipsum
    Glossary-text, also with ipsum
    ass = “glossary-link”> Lorem ipsum

    (»Lorem ipsum« is marked as glossary item). If the glossary entry »Lorem ipsum« is not available, »ipsum« is marked correctly and it works perfectly.

    The »ipsum« in the glossary post »Lorem ipsum« is marked correctly.

    I tried it with the CM plugin, the recursion is completely resolved there. But I don’t want to use the CM plugin, yours is looking much better to me and my purpose.

    Therefore, thanks for solving this problem!

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  • Hi Nikelaos,
    thanks for your feedback.
    Can I have a link to the page with the issue?
    Seems that our plugin has some issue with HTML, maybe there is something that creates conflicts.
    Usually this happens with page builders or visual composer that alter the normal WordPress flow of hooks.

    Hi @mte90

    Thanks for your help!

    I do not want to make the URL of the relevant page public here. Any chance to communicate more private?

    I set up a test site – however I cannot reproduce the behavior there. Everything looks normal there except for the fact that the background of the glossary link is not colored, but appears as a normal link as I styled them in the style.css.

    This is the css of the backgrounded link, as I get it with the browser tool:

    .glossary-tooltip a, .glossary-underline {
        background: rgba(0,0,0,0.1);
        cursor: pointer;
        display: inline-block;
        font-weight: 700;
        padding: 0 10px;
        border: 0px !important;

    That’s a hint that helps? There is no pagebuilder in action.

    I need to see the page to understand what is happening (a screenshot can be a way), if it is css or html issue.
    If you are a pro user, you get access to for the preium support.

    I’m not a pro user … yet, @mte90 … 🙂

    Please have a look here

    Thanks ok this is not a CSS problem, for that CSS background issue you need to check if you need !important. The pro version has a Tooltip customizer also for this.

    About the other error in HTML seems that there are some conflicts.
    Maybe there are some plugins or the theme itself that create the problem. Can you try changing theme and see if the problem persist?

    I’ve changed the theme to Twentyfifteen and to Twentyseventeen, it looks quite the same.

    In the next step I will delete the other glossary-plugin, which is at time only deactivated…

    …no, also this doesn’t seem to have an effect.

    Which kind of plugins should I look for? I have some which hooks in “the_content”…

    Ok so is not a theme problem but maybe a plugin conflict.
    Well all the plugins that act on the_content can create conflicts but I need more information, like a list of the plugins.

    Looking at the list I don’t know who can be the guilty plugin. Maybe Toogle wpautop or Advanced excerpt.
    One suggestion can be to disable a bunch of plugins and if happen again.

    I have now set up another site and saved the two glossary items and copied the post.

    Now everything looks good – Advanced Excerpt and wpautop are activated across the network.

    One difference – the only one? – is that in the new site there is no PAGE with the title »Lorem ipsum«. In the site where there are problems there is such a page that I have put in the “draft” status, which did not change anything.

    I deleted this page, also from the trash, but that didn’t work either.

    Would it be possible that the problem actually arose from the fact that one of the titles of a PAGE and that of a glossary entry were the same?

    Because it works now on one site, I state this as »resolved«

    Thanks, so far!

    The title page include »« symbols?
    Or other symbols? without access for me is difficult to understand what is going on.
    As we are following WP standards doesn’t create issues to have different post types with the same title because the engine works with a specific post type (glossary) to search stuff.

    No, without »«.

    And so I thought that the same title could not lead to problems, because the post-type ensures uniqueness.

    Was just an idea …

    It seems to be running now. If the problem arises again, I will contact you again. Maybe I can then describe the conditions in more detail.

    Meanwhile: Thanks for the support!

    Perfect, for any issues let me know!

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