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    I am using the recurring=1 shortcode to generate a list of weekly classes that doesn’t just go on and on and on. Only problem is, when I use this shortcode, the links to the classes on the list that is generated breaks.

    Check out the phenomenon here:

    I followed the “quick and dirty” solution from this thread:

    It worked at first, but when I checked again, the same page-not-found error appeared. I have also tried flushing the permalinks and read the thread related to this error and the WPML plugin.


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  • Hi Aglonwl,

    Thank you for responding to my post. I’ve read both of those posts, but neither of those address my problem precisely. I do not have the WPML Plugin installed. What I would like to do is accomplished perfectly with the recurring=1 shortcode, but when I do that, the links to the event page result in the 404 “Page Not Found” error.

    The list on this page appears exactly how I would like it to:

    However, if you click on either of those workshops for more information you get to the “Page not found error.”

    What I am trying to determine is why the recurring=1 shortcode broke the link.


    Additional Symptoms:

    1. If I go to edit the recurring event template and click on “View Post” or “Preview Changes” I get the same “Page not found” error.

    2. If I go the calendar for a specific day and click on the class name there, it takes me to the workshop description without any trouble.

    I tried this shortcode [events_list recurring=1] and seems to be working fine; also, did you try the last post of @marcus at

    Or have you tried to temporarily:

    – deactivating all other plugins to see if this resolves the problem. If this works, re-activate the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin(s).
    – switching to the default theme to rule out any theme-specific problems

    Hi Aglonwl,

    The shortcode does work beautifully for me in that the list it generates is exactly what I want to see. The problem is that the links for the event names in the list don’t go to the event page, they go to a page that says “Page not found.” Here is the exact shortcode I’m using:

    [events_list recurring=1 category="22"]

    When you used the shortcode, do the links in the generated list work?

    What I think is supposed to happen, that is not happening, is that the recurring=1 code should generate a list of links to the event template, not specific recurrences, and that for some reason, somewhere, I did something to break the link to the event templates (because even when I create a recurring event the “Preview Event” button takes me to “Page not found”).

    I’ve also reset all the admin settings and that didn’t help.

    The suggestion you mentioned by Marcus does not apply to what I am trying to do and the problem I’ve encountered.

    I’m also already using the default 2011 theme.

    Thanks for your persistence in following up on my post, Aglonwl.


    An end to the saga: I updated WordPress AND Events Manager (turns out I was two versions behind, shame on me), and everything is working like a charm. Best plugin ever.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    thanks for letting us know, good to know we already fixed it 🙂

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