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  • Hi,

    I offer 4 plans (Free, 1 month, 3 months & 6 months), and have enabled the ‘Recurring subscriptions’ option on each of these plans. I want users to be billed recurrently for 1,3 & 6 month plans, and allow them to cancel by clicking ‘Cancel’ on their Membership Account page… so does that mean I don’t need to enable the ‘Membership Expiration’ option in admin for these plans, because they won’t expire unless manually cancelled by the user? I’ve also noticed that despite me selecting the ‘Recurring subscription’ option, when a user has selected a particular level & paid, they have the option to ‘Renew’ via a link under the Membership Account page, this doesn’t seem to make sense to me?

    I also want the ‘Free’ plan to continue indefinitely and never expire. However, if I don’t put an expiration date in the admin panel for this plan, then when a user selects this plan, the Membership Confirmation page states their membership will expire in January 1970! Is there anyway around this?

    Many thanks,


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  • Plugin Author Andrew Lima


    Hi Mike,

    Thank you for getting in touch and choosing Paid Memberships Pro.

    If you are wanting the user to only have the option to cancel as the way of termination, you will set the levels to expire to ‘never’. The renewal button should only show if the users membership level is nearing it’s expiration date.

    I’m uncertain about the date showing as January 1970 when setting no expiration date.

    What version of Paid Memberships Pro are you currently using?

    Thanks for your help Andrew, I’m using version Because I only offer recurring subscriptions, which automatically renew unless cancelled, I don’t need the ‘Renewal’ button/link to be shown, as it isn’t relevant. Is there anyway to remove this link?

    I have also unticked the Membership Expiration option, and now when a user pays for a level, it doesn’t show anything underneath the expiration column in the Membership Account page, is it possible to show the next billing date instead of the Expiration column?

    Also, I found the cause of the 1970 expiration message, I’m using the Membership expires on next billing plugin… would you happen to know if this works if the Gateway is set to Sandbox/Testing mode, or if it a live payment gateway needs to be configured?

    Many thanks,


    Plugin Author Andrew Lima


    You’re most welcome.

    You are able to follow this guide to allow users to only checkout once per level ->

    Here is documentation to add custom columns to the memberlist table ->

    To confirm did you add this code to your website – ?

    I believe this should work if the gateway is set to Sandbox. When a date sets to January 1970, it’s usually an error with the date itself or it’s equal to 0.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.

    Thanks again Andrew. Regarding the trial membership, I still want to be able to offer users the ability to select a certain membership in the future, for instance if they upgrade their membership and then downgrade at a later date. Would that code still be suitable?

    Yes, that is the code i added to my website, but it’s producing a date of January 1970 when a recurring subscription is cancelled, any ideas what the issue could be?

    Many thanks.

    Plugin Author Andrew Lima


    Thank you for the feedback @mikee1001.

    Unfortunately users won’t be able to checkout on that ‘trial’ membership again, what you can do is set the users to automatically be assigned a level if the users cancel or their membership expires.

    We will need to have a look at the code that you’ve added to your site and your membership level settings to see why it is producing the date of January 1970. When January 1970 is returned regarding the date formats, it is usually either set to ‘0’ or there is an error with the date.

    If you would like a support engineer to look over your site and ensure everything is setup, please could you post on the members forums found on

    I apologize for the inconvenience, I hope this helps.

    Thanks Andrew. In that case is there any other way I can remove the ‘Renew’ link altogether?

    Am I also able to remove the ‘Cancel’ link for a certain level, as I don’t want users to be able to cancel their ‘Free’ level (it doesn’t make sense for my scenario), they would delete their account instead.

    Plugin Author Andrew Lima


    Hey @mikee1001,

    Sorry for the delayed reply.

    You are able to use the following code to stop users from renewing –

    You are able to hide the cancel link using CSS in all instances.

    This should work for you – please let me know your thoughts.

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