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    probably some plugin is messing up with the json we return to create the modal. Did you check for plugin / theme conflict?

    And update fixed the problem so I’ve closed the report as fixed.

    I get this problem after I updated from the lite to the standard calendar. When I click on the change of view (eg change to another month), I just get the spinning icon, doesn’t refresh unless I refresh the page.

    I was able to roll back to 1.10.2 (lite) by getting the plugin from

    1. I FTP to the wp-content>plugins and uploaded the zip.
    2. Deleted the existing all-in-one-event-calendar folder
    crashed the site…but
    3. FTP to wp-content and deleted themes-ai1ec folder
    4. copied the themes-ai1ec folder from within the new all-in-one-event-calendar folder to the wp-content.

    Now its working well. Only problem is the “no longer supported” message which spooks the secretary at the school website.

    Huge thanks for the plugin Nicola, by the way.

    To disable to the “no longer supported” message I just commented out some lines in the file: class-ai1ec-app-helper.php
    This is located:
    all-in-one-event-calendar > app > helper > class-ai1ec-app-helper.php

    I commented out lines 687 to 699 using //
    You could seatch for

    Display Lite version unsupported notice

    Sorry for such a messy hack, but might save someone else some time!

    Plugin Contributor nicola.peluchetti


    @stapsell but 1.10 standard is a much better version than 1.10.2 lite. When you have an infinite spinner when changing views, usually it’s some other plugin which is attaching some garbage to our json. You should use firebug to see what happens to the ajax call.

    Hi, (I have the latest wordpress, and pagelines platform theme)
    Two weeks ago I installed the ai1ec and it was working fine.
    I think there was an update version v1.10 standard that came out last week(?).I installed and it was working fine.

    Two days ago, I installed the wordpress SEO by yoast. Now its not fine. Im getting the same thing that stapsell got – The infinite spin when I switch posterboard to another view. When I turned off Yoast, problem gone.

    So, I researched several old posts and it appears that this problem was settled with recent updated versions. (I suppose ai1Ec and yoast both made some adjustments to their updates).

    Am I correct to say that I will need to “rollback” to version 1.10.2 of ai1ec to resolve this issue?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

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