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  • Sorry this looks long, but I’ve tried a few things I wanted to explain.

    I think I need some help.

    I’ve seen similar threads along these lines, but none seem to match my particular unusual scenario.

    Okay, boring back story. I used to build my own website, taught myself a little php to create some templates & has time has gone by I have less time to this manual work now. I was guided to WP & a week ago started out.

    I installed WP from my FastHost web hosting one-click install & was having great success retrospectively typing up old blogs (Only about 80 posts, not a lot). Until I had a problem.

    It first happened after changing themes. My dashboard & all admin pages wouldn’t show, blank screens only. I search various forums & found a few references to the .htaccess file (I think that’s what it’s called anyway) which I found out is a hidden file.

    Not a problem, since this is quite a new installation I decided to start again and reinstall WordPress. I uninstalled & re-installed through the one click installation.

    Everything seems fine until I tried to access my blog through the iOS app (Which I had previously used without problems). This is where I first saw “HTTP/1.0 500 Server Error”. After reading more forums I found further references to that hidden file.

    Since I had reinstalled I decided to start again. Reinstalled, eventually, and began to start reinstalling plug-ins. This time activating plug-in, I forget which one again, sorry, when my web browser refreshed I was greeted with another blank dashboard screen.

    Slightly balder, I decided to reinstall WordPress AGAIN, but this time took every single file on my server and place them into another folder so I was essentially installing to a blank slate.

    Fourth time lucky? No, when adding a category through the iOS app, I get the error again.

    Fifth attempt, earlier today. I was activating JetPack (I know it’s horrible) & again the next visit to my dashboard nothing but a blank screen.

    I get the feeling there are some hidden files still causing problems & I blank installation should not have recurring problems.

    Can anyone guide me towards removing EVERY single trace of a previous install?

    That should work right?

    Thanks, Russ.

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  • Crazy.

    It happened again today after now flushing phpMySql… I installed JetPack, fingers crossed & I lost the dashboard again.

    I’d read somewhere that a memory limit could solve this so I found & added the following line to my wp_config.php file:

    define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’96M’);

    … Problem solved. I can’t believe it was this simple after all of that.


    Hi everyone,

    I’ve popped onto my site today. No changes, no updates, no posts or additions to yesterday when everything was fine & today I’m getting the following message:

    Error establishing a database connection

    Every page gives the same message whether this is a site page or admin page.

    I see a quick search for this phrase reveals 3 pages of search results. Can anyone give me any hints or starting blocks here?

    Thanks, Russ.



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    Have you tried asking your hosts if they are experiencing any problems?.

    That didn’t cross my mind, I’ll check it out with them & come back to the forum.

    They must have been having a moment. After a few hours down & before I got to call them, everything is fine again.

    Gotta love tech 🙂



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    Sometimes, the simplest of questions provides the right answer. Glad to hear that you;re up & running again. 🙂

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