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    Recurring events are swamping my events list, making it impossible to see the one-off events amongst the debris. Events Manager needs (imho.) a config settings switch which says to show the next-n recurring events. However, back to the issue at hand…

    I’m trying to follow the recurring event grouping documentation instruction which describes how to show:

    All upcoming events, but showing only the first recurrence of an event in each set of recurring events.
    [events_list groupby=”recurring_id” groupby_orderby=”event_start_date,event_start_time”]

    When I use this shortcode, I get an events listing almost identical to the standard events listing. Eg; every daily event is shown, instead of only the first recurring event.

    Many thanks in advance for any helpful assistance offered with this problem.

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    To clarify: the official documentation solution, shown above and which describes precisely my case, does NOT work. This is unfortunate, as the EM plugin is mostly very good indeed, but being unable to control how recurring events are displayed is most frustrating. Clearly many other users experience exactly the same problem. If EM could find a way to address this issue cleanly, it would make our lives much easier. Please 🙂

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    Ok, belay all this, I’ve figured it out. The key appears to be that recurrences=1 is the missing link. When you include this key the groupby actually works as expected:

    [events_list recurrences="1" groupby="recurrence_id" orderby=”event_start_date,event_start_time” limit="10"]

    This implies that it’s not possible to have recurrences and non-recurrences in the same listing (query). This only needs a small note in the documentation, and people would be so much less confused, I think.

    Thanks again for a truly excellent WP events plugin!

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