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    Recurring Events are not registering. I can find them inside the WordPress site but even when you hit publish they don’t get published. They just hang in there, in limbo. We JUST updated to 5.7.2 and we were hoping that update will take care of it but it didn’t. Can you please fix? Thank you.

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  • We figured the bug out!
    In Recurring Events, if you choose Daily it will not publish the event. If you choose weekly and choose all days (minus one) then it will publish it!
    It’s a bug in the new updates.

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    I tried this one and seems to be working fine on our test site using 5.7.2; can you share a step by step guide including the recurrences schedule for us to replicate this?

    We allow different organizations to “Submit an Event” via [event_form].
    Before the latest updates, they used to enter their events, then we approve them and publish them.

    After the latest updates you rolled out, we had one organization enter their Recurring Event:
    – Add New recurring Event: “Daily Music at the Park”
    – This event repeats: Daily
    – Recurrences span from: 6/2/2017 to 6/27/2017
    We approved it and published.
    – Event did not show in the calendar. If you searched for “Daily Music at the Park” under “Events” it didn’t appear. But in “Recurring Event” you could still find it and modify it but the individual “Events” couldn’t be searched nor found on the live calendar.
    Then we decided to “Reschedule” the recurring event, and we chose:
    – This event to repeat: Weekly (as oppose to daily).
    We updated it and suddenly it appeared and was searchable.

    This happened after your latest updates (we are not sure which update was responsible for this).

    I hope this is a detailed info that might help find the bug.

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    Are recurring events working correctly when added via admin?

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    Yes, it does help, thanks! The issue has been fixed in dev version, you just need to resave the affected events again (no reschedule needed) and the events will be created.

    It actually has nothing to do with the choice of days, it’s to do with the fact that it’s a draft/pending post to begin with, which doesn’t create events. You then just change the status which isn’t a ‘recreate events’ situation, so it tries to just modify existing posts, but since it was a draft/pending recurring event, none were created in the first place and it attempts to updating nothing.

    @wafwaf I notice you had another issue which I couldn’t reproduce, if you can try again and post there I’ll take a look at that too –

    @caimin_nwl: Yes, recurring events working correctly when added via admin.

    Thank you

    @caimin_nwl: Yes, recurring events working correctly when added via admin.

    @netweblogic: Marcus thank you, I will take a look at it and see if it is still happening after the new updates were rolled out. I will let you know on that other link.

    Thank you guys.

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