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[Resolved] Recurring events duplicated when edited

  • When creating new Recurring Events, child/attached events are created as expected. If that Recurring Event is then updated, though, more child/attached events are then created.

    ex: Creating an event with two recurrences will create 2 child events. Updating the title will create an additional 2 child events. Changing the content will create an additional 2 child events. After this I have 6 child events (two for the first recurrence and 2 for the second).

    Is this what is supposed to be happening?


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  • creating or updating a recurring event will delete everything and recreate new sets of recurrences; can I know what is your current EM version ?

    I’m currently using v5.5.3.1.

    Here is a demo/example of what happens when I create and then edit the content of a recurring event: http://imageshack.com/i/f0155wgZg

    Deleting the recurring event does not delete the spawned events.

    The events have custom fields associated with them.



    NetWebLogic Support

    Are you using any custom code for Events Manager, especially something related to recurring events?

    What version of WordPress are you using? Is it a regular install of WordPress or a multisite installation?


    I’m using WP v3.9.1 with a standard install (no multi-site, etc). The theme I’m using is based on roots (https://github.com/roots/roots).

    I’m hooking into the following filters in my theme:
    em_accepted_searches, em_event_output_placeholder, em_events_build_sql_conditions, em_events_get, em_events_get_default_search.
    All of the filter functions require that is_admin() be false before executing, so I can’t imagine how they would affect the actual creating/updating of events. Additionally, I’ve tried removing all of my custom functions.php code and still encounter this issue.

    It appears the issue is caused when custom fields are being used on Recurring Events (through Advanced Custom Fields, here). If I enable them on event, everything works as expected, but when I enabled them for event and event-recurring, the duplication issue arises.

    I have tried toggle “Enable Custom Fields” in the Events Manager Settings but this didn’t change anything.

    Ok, I’ve done some additional debugging and trial-and-error now that the issue has been narrowed down to being ACF-related.

    After reviewing the custom fields that have been attributed to event and event-recurring I noticed a field called event_id which I figured might be a reserved name.

    Bingo! I namespaced it and everything is working as expected.

    Thankyou for your responses to my issue!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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