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    The recurring events I have setup are no longer working. When I target via the slug as usual it is pulling the very first instance of the event as opposed to whichever is coming up next. This didn’t start happening till after the upgrade and fixing the permalink issue.

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    do you have sample link to your site with this issue for us to see and analyze please?

    This is the permalink for the recurring event that should pull the next closest event. But it’s pulling the first from back in October of last year.

    This is the one it should be pulling

    Stampede Series South

    Plugin Support caimin_nwl


    That’s not the way permalinks for recurring events are supposed to work.

    If you want to have a page that shows only the next the recurrence of a series of recurring events, try using a shortcode:


    It worked just fine this way before. I don’t want a list of events or for it to show just the next event. I want the recurring event say “Sunday Funday” to pull up the recurring event listing but with the most current date upcoming. The only thing that should change is the date but all the information listed in the recurring event is the same.

    I have the same issue

    A permalink that worked a few weeks/days ago likt this:
    does not work now. I guess it could be since a wordpress update to 4.4. I get a HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently HTTP Header.
    And there is a redirect to the home page.

    I dissabled all Plugins except: buddypress and events-manager.
    But the link was still not working.

    From googleing that problem I found that there was a conflict with WPML. But that was three years ago and I don’t have WPML running.

    help would be welcome.

    Try this:

    I would bet that if you visit that link it will go to the first instance instead of the latest for the event. Besides them dropping the “-recurring” part I don’t know what changed to affect the product in this way. They are saying it wasn’t meant to be used that way but I was under a different impression. If this is truly the case they say then it would be nice for them to explain how it should work instead of just sending me to the basic garbage shortcode that only shows how make a list of those recurring events (#lame).

    Hi tal239,

    Thanks for your replay – yes this link workes.
    But how to create this link?

    I’m getting my events with this code`
    [events_list recurring=”1″ location=”xxx”] <li><a href=”#_EVENTURL”>#_EVENTNAME</a></li>[/events_list]`

    Thats pretty the way it should be used but it gives me a list of Events where the URLs are not valid. And worse – it worked all fine unitll … I don’t know wich update.

    Would be really cool to have one of the authors to share some more information about this.

    best regards

    Plugin Support caimin_nwl


    Just to clarify my comment earlier: Recurring permalinks were never supposed to work that way, meaning that if it was working before you most likely had some custom code running to enable it.

    I’ve only seen this happening in one other instance so far and (now) outdated custom code was the issue.

    For shure I do not use any code that generates the /events-recurring/ part of the URL. So it must come out of events manager.

    But any how: There are some recurring Events (may be weekly or monthly) for a location. How do you suggest to present them to the visitors?

    best regards

    Plugin Support angelo_nwl


    hmm, it seems to be working fine on our test sites; can you try to resave permalinks under WP Settings > Permalinks ?

    Hello gel_nwl,

    thanks for taking care. I saved the permalink settings again (no changes). Settings are:

    But in general do you think it schould word with /events-recurring/ ?

    Here are two other threads that are about the same problem



    I did not start the current thread so there are at least four installations wiht the same issue.

    I have tried your permalink and shortcode solutions; both don’t work.

    Permalink doesn’t affect anything.

    Recurring specific shortcode is still returning “events-recurring” instead of “events” slug prefix.

    If I reference the recurring event with your shortcode and tag recurring
    [events_list recurring="1"]
    I get

    If I reference it by category instead
    [events_list scope="future" category="daily-events"]
    I get the proper reference (however I have all the recurring daily’s now and I just want the Stampede Series)

    So in order to get what I actually want I have to create a new category for each recurring event that is unique to that event
    [events_list scope="future" category="stampede" limit="1"]
    resulting in the proper link by itself

    Now digging into the actual item. Should I use some code like this:
    ‘[event post_id=”3269″]Can be found at #_EVENTURL[/event]’
    I have the URL of my post which is

    Can be found at

    But the events-recurring doesn’t exist anymore with your update and that kicks to the homepage. If I remove the ‘-recurring’ part it auto-loads the first event instead of the next one coming.

    This appears to me to be a bug across multiple areas. Are you understanding the problems we are encountering better now?

    I resaved permalinks too and it did not help.

    showing the problem links:

    Events Manager shortcode goes to home page test

    Plugin Support angelo_nwl


    sorry not sure if we can give further advice this since we tried multiple times and it seems to be working fine on our test sites. however, just to narrow down the problem and help us debug the issue is it possible to try the following temporarily:

    – deactivating all other plugins to see if this resolves the problem. If this works, re-activate the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin(s).
    – switching to the default theme to rule out any theme-specific problems

    Hello gelo_nwl,

    I got my projekct running on XAMPP,
    Disabled all Plugins (exept Events Manager) – Problem still there
    I changed the theme to twenty15 – Problem still there.

    So lett me ask you what wordpress Version you have on your test sites.
    The Problem might have come after a wordpress update.

    There is am other Post form yesterdy – might be the same issue:

    something is out there.

    best regards

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