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Recurring by day of month (e.g. fourth Sunday) NOT working (4 posts)

  1. tgmonline
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Hello! I have two questions please:

    Trying to create an event that occurs every three months on the fourth Sunday. In Jan 2014, the fourth Sunday is Jan 24th. When I set the options to "every 3 months by date" as in Jan 24th, Apr 24th, Jul 24th... it works. But when I set it to "every 3 months by day" it returns Jan 24th, Feb 22nd, Mar 22nd, etc. What gives?

    How do I configure my calendar such that it DOESNT SHOW any days/events from past or future months? I want things such that if I'm viewing February (month grid view), I cannot see any days or events from January or March.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! :) This will be a great help!


  2. Joe Dolson
    Plugin Author

    Posted 1 year ago #

    Question 1: You're right; that's not a supported feature at this time.

    Question 2: Your only option is to hide them with CSS:

    .nextmonth * { display: none; }

  3. tknew
    Posted 8 months ago #

    My question is, if there is no support for every #num months by day of week, when why is it an option in the menu?

    I want to add a holiday like Thanksgiving or Memorial day, which occur on the 4th Thursday or the last Monday in November and May respectively. The plugin will not allow me to set repeat X times, every #num past 9, when I should be able to put up to 12 here, and also, according to this post, it doesn't work anyway?

  4. Joe Dolson
    Plugin Author

    Posted 8 months ago #

    Honestly, in my opinion, if an event only occurs once a year, it really shouldn't be that much trouble to add them individually. But yes, it would be nice if when month by day was selected, the count field would be disabled. It hasn't been a priority, however.

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