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  • How are events booked by potential customers (not attendee bookings). Is there a form for event booking requests similar to the meeting room booking system? Or do you envisage an event being booked through the meeting room booking system?

    Also, Is there a way for a person booking a meeting room or (if it is possible) and event, to specify a recurrence frequency?

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  • Thanks for taking a look at the plugin!

    Events are booked by staff and appear on the Event calendar. They CAN be made to be unpublished on the calendar for staff events.

    Meetings are the ability for the public to reserve the same rooms for their own use.

    These two share the same spaces but are for different things.

    The system isn’t designed to allow patrons to schedule or request events, as the system was designed specifically for libraries to manage their spaces for both patron use and event use (like a book sale or staff meeting).


    When creating events there are recurrence settings for daily, weekly, and single dates and can be ended by date or number of occurrences.

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    Thanks for you quick reply, understood.
    In your rewrite, is there a thought to include a recurrence qty request field in the meeting room booking form?
    I’m thinking that a patron may want to book the room for, say, four weekly meetings so, the booking system could check for a day/time that might be available to cover the needs, or even compute a mix of days that would allow the required time slots, and then on receipt, the admin could decide if that allocation request is acceptable and create an event to suit.

    Definitely, it’s just a very complex addition and I’m a single developer with a full time job!

    Seriously, though, I’m going to be adding some assistance to the recurrence and allow multi-part registrations once I get this overhaul done. The main point of the overhaul is improving how I’m handling data in forms so that I’m doing things more securely, as well as making things look more “WordPress-y”.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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