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  • I recently created this website using Yahoo and using Yahoo’s software Site Builder.

    What I need instead of this is a site that can be remotely updated by many users. represents my new business, it’s a fantasy baseball website that provides daily articles and other content about fantasy baseball. I hope to eventually make money with advertisements and, way down the line, with subscriptions or sales of related products.

    The difficulty I am having is in modifying the website each night to place new articles on the site. I get articles from 7 different authors, so there is a lot of site editing I have to do. Cutting and pasting, creating new pages, creating tables, forms etc.

    WordPress was recommened to me as something that may be useable to create a site that looks mostly similar to what I created with, but that can be updated remotely and by many different users.

    Do you think wordpress could be used to create a reasonably facsimile of what I created at We are willing to pay for added features beyond the basic free features. Could such a similar looking site be updated remotely and by many users?


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  • yes and yes. there are great themes out there that could make it look even better than it does now, with little effort. and using WordPress would make updates extremely easy, each author can make their own posts very easily.

    Fantastic. How would you suggest that I begin?

    Adding to my above question, once I begin I was wondering:
    I’d like my writers and myself to be able to update my blog remotely and from any computer with an internet connection. Is this possible and if so what is the purpose of downloading software from the site?

    youre only downloading the software from here to upload it and install it on your website. do you have your own hosting plan with a database that lets you install software?

    I have yahoo as a host. I have sent yahoo a question based on the minimum-requirements suggestion this site gives me. I will hopefully know if I will be able to use Yahoo as a host, otherwise I will switch hosts. I thank you for viewing my website, how long do you think it will take me to recreate that website using WordPress?

    wordpress is an easy install. then you just need to find a theme you like and add all your posts and other info. read up about wordpress as much as you can, then it should all go smoothly. once its all set up, all your authors can sign up with their own accounts. they can sign in from any computer and make their posts.

    Does word press enable the creation of forums, so that any reader can post comments to the forum? I would want the forum to be a link from the home page of the site.

    An additional question to the one above. Could you give me examples of sites that have been built with Perhaps ones that you believe are most similar to what I am trying to recreate from I’m going to have to convince my partners to make the move and comparisons would go a long way for that.

    Thanks for all the help.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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