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    This plugin is a tool for intergroups, areas, and districts to display and share their meetings if they wish, but also keep them protected from spammers if they don’t.

    I haven’t had a chance to really review this Google initiative ( but it seems they’re using intergroup info in an unauthorized way and doing a bad job of keeping it up to date, so I’m skeptical.

    I’m not sure how they’re getting the info, but if they’re scraping it from intergroup sites that are using the plugin I’m not a fan of that, but also not planning any security countermeasures.

    Hopefully Google will make a statement about where their partners are getting their data and how up to date it is.

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    Thanks for the clarity, and I appreciate your perspective! More so, thanks for taking time to connect the dots for us v-a-v recovertogether.

    Google often operates in the zone of “act first, fix later.” Like everybody does. (Microsoft’s latest patch debacle.)

    Putting meeting info behind some kind of security wall defeats the use-case for those seeking a place to visit. The more that meetings are indexed and made searchable, the better IMHO.

    You’re so right. Google will face, same as the ops problem I’m working 1.5 years into our implementation – is keeping the data fresh. The date stamp on records is critical for this effort. If I made a suggestion, it would be having a function where a future date (default = every 6 months?) could be selected to automatically email the meeting contacts, with some kind of record keeping about responses. Simpler? Maybe a manual function – select by date and send update requests. Triggered whenever, by an Admin. Also: Notifications of inquiries sent versus meetings updated? Lot’s of work. Whatever, freshness is key.

    Love this app. Thank you so much!

    Checkout another plugin that works with BMLT (basic meeting locator tool) for meeting display and another one bread that creates a pdf of meetings. More info at

    I may have an explanation for this. If Meetings are presented in Structured Data as an Event , google picks it up and integrates it into the upcoming calendar…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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