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  • I’m trying to restore a blog from a website backup. But having no luck in locating the actual posts themselves.

    I have a supposedly full site backup from cpanel and one I did manually copying every file from my hosts. I’ve moved hosts now and while the blog files were easy to setup, I can’t get the posts back.

    I’d have thought a site backup would include the database itself, so where should I look?

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  • Do you have any .sql or .sql.gz file ? That will be the database…

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    None of the .sql files seem to contain any posts. It’s odd, because all the minor bits like the forum have their own database file, yet the folder I have with the subdomain files doesn’t have anything resembling a database inside. I just wondered if there were specific file names that wordpress used to help track them down more easily.

    I’ll keep looking, there’s a stack of files to nose through 🙂 I had pulled most of the blog’s posts over from Blogger, so I can repeat that if they have gone AWOL. It’s just to avoid re-doing the pages I had set up and get back the more recent posts I made.

    Not that this helps you too much now but what i always try to do is take an export backup from within wordpress, you know where it generates that XML file.

    That way, if the normal backup goes completely tits up I still have my posts which i can import into a fresh install.

    As for this, I’m not sure what file they’d be in but when you get the answer, let us know. It may help others in the future.

    I hate being the bad news bringer, but you must consider the possibility you do NOT have a backup of your blog notes 🙁

    No ftp download will ever contain your database, the database server is something very special and it stores files elsewhere in another way, they can’t be downloaded by ftp, but either exported with phpmyadmin, or for wordpress specifically exported in the wordpress admin control panel.

    Do you still have access to your previous blog’s admin pages ?
    If yes, thank the god of your choice (or the giant pastafari if you like) and hurry up, open phpmyadmin (you may ask the help team of your host how to do it with their system), and next click the “export” tab, keep all options as is, add “gzipped”, and save the real database to your disk.

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    Yep, I think in practice the complete cpanel backup wasn’t as complete as expected heh. I’ve got most of the content in the old blog at Blogger so I’ll just re-do what I did the last time.. All the pages were from old html ones and were backed up on this PC which is fortunate.

    I’m careful backing things up too usually, I just didn’t realize I wasn’t backing the databases up along with the website. Oopsie! My bad for not double checking in the first place. I don’t think there are many missing posts though, so it could have been much worse.

    Appreciate the advice you’ve all offered though 🙂

    thank you for this information, I am having a similar problem.

    I was able to locate the mySQL stuff for my blog, and I have exported the entire thing to my desktop. How can I restore it into my blog?

    Thank you,

    I have found my sql file for my blog, but after trying to restore it using phpmyadmin, I am getting a funny error.

    The blog was originally in the /blog/ directory, but now I want it in the root directory. I have tried to restore it to both directories, but I still get the following error:

    #1064 – You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ’18:43:12, 0000-00-00 00:00:00)’ at line 1

    How do I fix this??

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