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  • I’m in a pickle: I took over management of a website that had been updated manually, save for the blog, which had always been done on WordPress. I used WordPress to update the site, and then successfully moved the blog posts from the original WordPress to the new one.

    The trouble is, the blog for the old site included a bunch of links that did not transfer over. Now, the group I made the website for has decided they want the links back.

    I exported the posts from the old blog, and also backed up a straight 1:1 copy of the entire website (ie I just copied it from the web space to my computer using an FTP). Is there any way I can use either of these things to recover the links?

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  • Do you not have the old database?

    Where would it be located? I have a copy of all the files that were stored in the webspace before.

    It would be located on the server, usually at var/lib/mysql on a linux server. Do you have cpanel access or does your hosting company provide tools to access phpmyadmin?

    Curious, how did you transfer the blog posts if you didn’t migrate the database?

    I have cpanel access but am not sure what to do with this. (I’m not terribly clever at all this; this job for a small association I am a member of fell to me because I have run a WordPress blog in the past.) There is a phpMyAdmin but I don’t know how to use it very well. When I open it, there is only one database that comes up. I also have a backup of the website I created using cPanel’s backup feature.

    To transfer the posts, I used a WordPress plugin in the Dashboard.

    Ok, I’m about to head to bed, but if I have a chance at the office tomorrow, I will periodically check this thread. If not, we’ll rock this out over the weekend.

    Is the database you can access from cpanel the one that is running the site now or the old one? You can check which database it’s running from in wp-config.php file in your WordPress root (probably your site root, which is probably public_html). If it’s the same database, those links should be available. You are talking about WordPress links right? Available in the administrator area under “links”?

    Thanks. I will be at the office myself and probably won’t get a chance to tackle this again until later.

    The one from the panel is the database for the current site. I can find the wp-config.php in my backup but it points to a database that is called something I cannot find (I assume it is a filename?)

    Yep, the links built into the Links area in the WordPress dashboard.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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