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    Hello Guys!

    There was a bug in recover the old slider code.

    I have dug into the code via a client live website and fixed it into latest plugin version 3.4.3.

    Please update the plugin to the latest version and use the Recover Slider page to recover slider.


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  • korg007


    I just tried to recover old slides on a site. It doesn’t seem to have done anything.
    and… I received the Warning msg:

    Warning: base64_decode() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /home/site/public_html/wp-content/plugins/ultimate-responsive-image-slider/recover-slider.php on line 28

    This is too time-consuming. I’ve recreated the slides from scratch and will leave it at that.
    Thanks for trying though.

    Thanks. 3.4.3 mostly worked for me. Two larger (50+ image) sliders didn’t recover so I had to do those manually, but that was far better than doing them all by hand.

    Plugin Author FARAZFRANK



    Error Warning: base64_decode() That’s means slider not need to recover. It builds or created after the plugin version 3.3.10.

    base64_decode used for decoding the base64_encode that’s was added before later version of plugin like 3.3.9 or less.

    But, Thank you, you made all your sliders without giving up. That’s great and appreciable for me.

    If you guys share your feedback about the usability of the plugin, please write here.

    Thanks so much for using plugin.
    Keep Supporting and Sliding 😀

    Plugin Author FARAZFRANK


    Hi @3d0g,

    Great to hear that most of the slider recovered.

    Share your feedback about the usability of the plugin, write something here.

    Thanks so much for using the plugin.
    Keep Supporting and Sliding 😀

    V3.4.3 has now worked for us on our development (localhost) sites apart from 2 sliders, which had somehow lost one image each. These were easily fixed. Hopefully this now brings this to a close. One good thing is that it did prove to us the value of updating on a development environment and doing our own regression checking, rather than just relying on a live environment. Thank you for the fix.

    I have same issue with 3.4.3 version,

    Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable
     in .... ultimate-responsive-image-slider/layout.php on line 17

    $TotalSlideIds = count(get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), 'ris_all_photos_details', true ));

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    Plugin Author FARAZFRANK


    Hi @zanychew,

    First, take a backup of the sliders:

    And keep the backup file safely on your google drive or on the local computer.

    After this:

    You need to recover your old sliders using the Recover Slider page.

    Contact me via my site, I will try to fix all for you.


    Thank you, it works ! 🙂

    Plugin Author FARAZFRANK


    @zanychew That’s great. 😀

    Hi, I have the same problem. I tried to recover the slider but i can only see the thumbnail. How can i solve this problem?

    Plus, i’m not longer able to create a new working slide.

    Plugin Author FARAZFRANK


    Hi @stefanoianna,

    Did make a backup before taking any recovery steps?




    I tried contacting you via your website but received no response. I followed the steps you gave to recover two sliders, but have been unable to recover them. I did download an xml file as you suggested in your directions, but I don’t know what to do next. Could you help me please?

    Thank you.

    I have the same issue of @zanychew.
    I did the backup.
    Recover function does not work!
    Could you help me?
    Thank you

    Now my recovery doesnt even work! WORST PLUGIN EVER!!!!! I need you to contact me ASAP and fix my website or Im going to keep posting how much your plugin sucks.

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