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[Resolved] Recover my archives…

  • So… I have a big problem, I modified something in the panel of administration and my blog had a big bug, I had to remove it of my data base to reinstall it… I thus lost all my old posts and others… Is it possible to recover them? (It’s hopeless, no ?)

    (And sorry for my bad english…)

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  • Just to confirm, if you use something like phpMyAdmin, do you see anything in the wp_posts table?

    Do you have a backup of your WordPress database? If so you could restore from backup.

    If you have no backup, consider contacting your host and ask them if they can restore your database from one of their backups.

    Also you might find that Google has a cache copy of some of your site…

    I don’t use the phpMyAdmin… Or I don’t know that… Where the wp_posts ? (And if it’s on my database… It’s lost TT-TT) (How can I make a backup with WordPressBlog ?)

    I’ll be contact my host, thanks for all.

    I have an other question: can I repost old entries from a html page ? (My old blog is in html…)

    Lyss asked, “How can I make a backup with WordPressBlog ?”.

    You could install skippy’s WordPress Database Backup plugin:

    Thank you a lot ^^

    I have an other question: can I repost old entries from a html page ? (My old blog is in html…)

    If your old blog was .html – that wasn’t made with WordPress.

    Hum… Yes… So it doesn’t possible ?

    Not knowing what software did you use for your former blog – it’s difficult to say.

    Hum… So, (I’m french, sorry >.<) previously, I had a blog coded with html, and now, I’m “working” with a WordPressblog. I want repost my html posts on my WordPressblog… But can I repost this with the correctly date ? Of I must repost my old entries with an erroneous date? (of today, for example.)

    (So sorry for my bad english, I’m serriously bad in conjugation…) (And still thanx a lot.)

    Don’t worry… I am not a native English speaker either 🙂

    First I thought you want some automatic “import” of the old posts, that’s why I asked about the software.

    If you “import” them manually = copy and paste the old texts in your WP blog, then yes, you can keep the old dates:
    Before clicking the publish button, check the
    Edit timestamp box and change the date/time to what you want.

    Edit. Do you know about these links:

    Is your old blog online? Can we see it?

    You can copy your old posts into WordPress (one at a time) and manually change the “post date” for each.

    EDIT: I’m too slow – moshu beat me to it.

    =D Thanks a lot, I’m happy (and after a schoolday, it’s rarely.) now ^__^

    So… hu… still thanks, and good continuation ^^

    (For the translator, hip hip hip… XD)

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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