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    I want to be able to record pledges from donors. For example, I have a group that wants to pledge quartely donations of $XX. What would be the best way to record these, and notify me when they are due?

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    Hi @misrael365

    While we don’t have official support for pledges currently, you could use offline donations to make something like this happen.

    Offline Donations is essentially a different “Payment Gateway” that is included in GiveWP to handle donations received by check, cash, or other offline means.

    Donors fill out the donation form on the site with their info, and a message is emailed to them with instructions on where to send the gift.

    As for making an automated system to email regularly for a quarterly pledge, that would be something you’d need to configure using some sort of third party solution at this point. If I were building something like that, I’d use a Form Builder like Caldera Forms to collect the “pledge” that then connects somehow to a system to email reminders. I’d use a service like Zapier or IFTTT to handle that hand-off, and then the email that is sent monthly, quarterly, whenever, would direct them to a GiveWP form to actually do the collection of the money (with much help from the gateway).

    Of course, or Recurring Donations premium add-on can handle recurring stuff (not true “pledges”), but we are not allowed by forum rules to go in depth here about premium products. If you have further questions on that, reach out to our team at https://givewp.com/contact-us.


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