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  • Friendly greetings!

    I’ve been looking around for some good WordPress hosts — I’ve searched the forum archives here, as well as looked at the list @

    Looks like there’s so many choices, but I was wondering if anyone had any favorites that haven’t already come up. I’m looking for the best bang for my buck, but quality service is a must too. Obviously something common everyone would like to have; I also heard about SiteGround @ wich has pretty good prices if you presubscribe for a year, has anyone else recently gone with it?

    Any and all help gratefully appreciated. Thanxies! 😀

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  • whooami



    I switched last month to a small orange:

    I had no problem with my previous host other than needing more space and their “plans” not being cost-effective for me.

    I have to say that I am VERY impressed.

    1. The switch went perfect.There was not a single hitch in my db export/import and my new site was live within hours.

    2. Their “small” plan includes 400Mb of space (more than plenty for a decently sized site), 10Gb of transfer bandwidth (more than enough for a large site) — and all the other assorted bells and whistles. You also get unlimited mysql databases, unlimited subdomains, etc..

    They use cpanel, but also offer SSH access if you request it, AND they use SPF records, again if you so request.

    All for $5.00 a month.

    Theyre also offerring a “pay for a year and get 2 months free” special.

    I’ve contacted their tech support twice now, NOT because of problems but to request the SPF records and the SSH and both times I got replys back with a 1/2 hour. VERY nice.

    I have never reccommended a host to anyone on these forums, but feel ASO is very deserving of my changing that habit.

    Im pretty sure podz is on ASO, I know macmanx is.. Im sure there are others as well that can all attest to how good of a host they are.

    What a cute name and nice site design, whooami — thank you for the pointers. I’ve been looking at larger hosts, perhaps it’s a numbers game, I’ve been rationalizing to myself “Well maybe I pay a few extra bucks a month and get much more disk storage and bandwidth”.

    I was earlier getting help from Justin from — I don’t personally know anyone else who uses it, but he is super-nice and really informative, and a similar sort of pricing scheme as A Small Orange, which I will now look into deeper.

    I may want to store a lot of multimedia files, so disk space is something important to keep in mind. Thank you very much, I don’t think I would have known to check out A Small Orange if you hadn’t mentioned them. Will dig deeper.

    I’ve started this company for hosting Word Press. I use my own hosting and I like it. hehe.


    We install Word Press for you. I believe we offer good options for a package. IF you JUST want Word Press blogs.

    I have used:
    for about three years now. I’m still happy with them. 🙂

    Ok my suggestion, is go with my friends.. now you are think ign yeah right. but the value in him comes in the costiumization that he offers. AKA you get what yo pay for, you dont pay for more then you use. and they are great prices. my Package is about $5 a month yet I get plenty I dont think he ant me giving out what I get, he promtes only paying for what you need.

    goto leave him a comment and he will get back to you.

    i am like ppl that support small Coffe houses you get more attention forma the small business then the large companies

    NOTE: he cnanot give you a domain I sugest for that then point you DNS to him it is only 5.99 buck a year for that

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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