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  • Resolved Maria Antonietta Perna


    Hi Okvee,

    I’ve just downloaded your theme to use as base for a theme I’d like to build. I totally love it, it gives me a minimalistic theme that nicely packages Bootstrap and _s together.

    What I’d like to ask you is this: do you recommend using your theme as a starter theme or as a parent theme?

    My guess from looking at the theme’s code and structure is that it’s meant to be used as a starter theme, the same way as _s is, but if I’m wrong and this is not what you had in mind when you released the theme, I’d love to hear your view on this.

    Thanks for this theme and your reply.
    – Antonietta.

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  • Theme Author vee


    Hello Maria Antonietta Perna

    Sorry for lag of answer.
    Yes, the Bootstrap Basic is to be used as a starter theme same as _s.

    However this theme is free and MIT license, it means you can download edit and change it to parent theme as you wish.

    Thank you so much, Okvee. I’d love to use your theme the same way I use _s, and it’s great to know that Bootstrap basic is mainly intended for this 🙂

    Hello Okvee,

    I also love the Bootstrap Basic theme. I just created a website with it on my development server, which I’m now about to replicate to the production server of my customer.

    I’ve been used to creating child themes so as to prevent losing customization when parent themes get updated. Also this time, I routinely created a child theme from Bootstrap Basic.

    Forgive my ignorance, but could you briefly explain the advantage of *not* creating a child theme? Or, why it is *not* necessary? Or even not advisable? If the risks are mitigated, it would certain save some time.

    Many thanks,

    Theme Author vee


    Hello @schuurmudgeon

    I did not said ‘not creating a child theme’ or not recommend or anything like that.

    For Bootstrap Basic theme, you can create child theme or you can even make it your own parent theme. 🙂

    The pros of make it your parent theme is it is no need dependency. I think.
    The cons of make child theme… I have no idea.

    Sorry if i misunderstand your post.

    You understood right, @okvee.
    Thanks for clarifying this!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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