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  • Hi bloggers and supporters out there! 😉

    I am running a “normal” blog and studied this great plugin quite intensively and still don’t know what is a good setup for me.

    Maybe someone can help?

    Here is my setup so far:
    25.000 visitors/month
    1 or 2 comments a day
    1 blogpost/week
    75 post in total.


    create new cache for anonymous visitors=on

    cache timeout=3600 seconds (much too early?)
    scheduler= one a day (at 3 o clock am)

    Preload is on a running every 2880 minutes
    Preload modus is selected, too (“Warning! PRELOAD MODE activated. Supercache files will not be deleted regardless of age.”)

    That’s basically it.

    Here are my most urgent questions:

    – cache timout: what’s the use, when using preload-modus? after 3600 seconds the cache is stale, again. What does this mean anyhow? Or what happens in this case? Is the cache still effective? And what happens when I use preload, with or without the preload-modus-option? (This irritates me a lot! I just don’t get it)

    – Scheduler for garbage collection: Is once a day too quick? And does it make sense, when preload is running every 48 hours? What is actually happening then?

    – What is the difference between wp-cache and wp-super cache in the content-section of the setting (statistics)?

    I think, I should have this setup:

    1) Deactivate cache timeout
    2) Synchronize garbage collector and preloadmodus, so that preload is running a few minutes after the garbage collector. (Or do I need it at all, since preload-modus-option is on?)
    3) or, instead of step 2) deactivate garbage collector and run preload one a night.

    What do you think of that?
    Who can help? I studied this a lot, but I just don’t get it! ;-(

    Thanks for reading this! 😉



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