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  1. Christiaan
    Posted 11 years ago #

    I've been with Server Logistics for a while now and, apart from not using renewable energy, I've found them to be everything I need in a host. They use Macs so they're knowledgable about Macs and they serve on Macs, so they're secure as a duck's ass.

    I thought I'd recommend them on here not only because of this but also because I received news today that they've added a WordPress installer to their very own excellent Mac-centric Control Panel. I've taken a look and it looks pretty good.

    What makes this host better than any other Mac host that I've been with is that they keep improving their technical services. I've been with another prominent Mac web host (Xrackhosting) and they do have excellent customer service but they seem to have stagnated on the technology front, whereas Server Logistics just keeps improving its offerings.

    I particurly like the way they're going with their Control Panel. It's not as powerful as CPanel yet but it's much easier to use and generally better thought out. I'm looking forward to where they take this part of their development, hopefully they've got some AJAX expertise on board.

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