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  1. imagei
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi guys and gals,
    I would really appreciate some input on well put together vid-tuts that relate directly to the more recent version of WordPress. I am designing a website for my wife and have absolutely zero previous experience of assembling a website. I've managed to design a theme using a program called Artisteer and have executed a '1-click' install at my host, but am now faced with the challenge of importing actual functionality onto the pages. The first thing I did was to search the forum but many of the articles that I've found are relating to previous versions of WordPress.

    Any recommendations? Your thoughts would truly be appreciated. I am a builder by trade and at the moment, it feels a bit daunting.

  2. The first thing I did was to search the forum but many of the articles that I've found are relating to previous versions of WordPress.

    That's okay. A lot of things stay the same (or close enough) between versions that we don't need to re-vamp documentation.

  3. imagei
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Would it be possible steer me toward some good video tutorials then?

  4. Depends what you want to learn :)

    http://learn.wordpress.com/ has some basics (while it's aimed at WordPress.COM, many still apply)

    http://wordpress.tv/ has a whole lot of tutorials too.

  5. imagei
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I guess one of my problems is that as I know so little, I don't know how to structure my learning program. As my wife is a writer, I need to know how to insert some kind of document reader into the page so that visitors can access her archived articles. She would also like some flash content to make the page more visually engaging. Then she will need an e-commerce outlet for her books. I have a lot to learn, but I was assuming that there might be some structured tutorial courses to take me through the learning incrementally. I took a 1 day workpress course near me but I've implemented everything they taught me already and it wasn't long before I was needing more answers (at £160 a day I can't afford to go back).
    Hence my arrival here.
    If anyone else out there knows of a more structured video-tutorial syllabus, I'd be really keen to hear of it.
    Thank you for your input though Ipstenu, I will be checking those sites out straight away. =0)

  6. There isn't one that I've heard of.

    You're best off asking specific questions here, since that's what the free support is good for :)

    Publishing works - If you want them free for all, put them up as posts. If you want to sell ebooks, I suggest http://www.e-junkie.com/ (since running your OWN e-commerce outlet is complicated).

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