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  • First for clarification, I am only awarding 4 stars because the system is early in development and has not reached its full potential. Do not infer I am unhappy based on four stars, that would be a mistake. I am also holding there for now because the documentation is still thin. The developers are working very hard across many fronts to improve and extend the system and they are working with the resources you expect of two garage entrepreneurs. I am excited though that the system is going to make my project a success and increase the current productivity of the staff already working in the targeted program by 50-60% or more.

    This platform was selected to specifically allow us to scale for a critical program. The other reason is its simple interface and implementation is allowing me to configure and scaffold my platform quickly and at low cost. My platform, in the end with all the plugins we selected (over and above ZEROBS. Will be less than $ 2000.00 annually. The last time IT quoted us a system (ASPX) with not even 1/4 the capabilities, the number was over 90k. So, if you are worried about spending what the cost of the
    ZEROBS full system runs, you do not have the proper perspective.

    When an IT guy tells you a system is not ready for production, that is because their bias prevents their ability to understand the needs of their user and the ability to make dramatic improvements without having to spend 100k in time and resources. We specifically selected this platform to free us of the restraints of regular system development. Someone else spent the over 100K to give me a workable solution to a program threatening inability to scale and meet market imperatives. As they improve and extend the system, they will be rewarded many times over for the risk they took. IT is not coming to your rescue. Pick up the tools your self and get busy.

    I installed two weeks ago after spending many hours researching the full scope of WordPress available CRMs. I have also spent several years exposing myself to the likes of Sugar CRM, Suite CRM and many of the other commercial CRMs.

    I recommend this for one simple reason, they are working hard at updates and stability enhancements and the UI is very user friendly. Mike has also been very supportive over the slack channel as well. I have implemented this in a new project for a Global Company so it is high profile internally. It was very important to have a system that I felt was going to be well supported and specifically attuned to making the average user enjoy the experience(UI).

    I saw one that I felt was superior in the realm of UI and focus on the process but they had poor documentation and were not very responsive while positioned at a significantly higher price point. I also saw another one I thought was very polished and very well developed. My problem with that one is that the system was owned, developed and supported by a one man shop. It is true that a two man shop is not significantly different, except in the event of death. That was too risky for me to justify.

    I have been working in WordPress for the longest time and had been waiting for people to roll out CRM as a plugin. As I envisioned it and as is my experience as I roll this out, my biggest goal of automating workflow is going to be far easier to accomplish, if not as robust as you can do in a full featured CRM like Suite (which I love). I am also not trying to blend apples and oranges to get peaches, everything here is a peach specifically tailored to WordPress. WordPress is just a beast. It makes my life so much easier.

    I am rooting for Mike and Woody to succeed. If they do not I would be sad but I could pick up and transition to another system without having mine go down because of the license. On the other hand, I see incremental improvements already and while I have run into a few quirks, I have been able to figure them out relatively quickly with Mike’s help. That is what is important. They are thin on documentation but I intend to help on that end.

    At the end of the day, I believe they will be successful and that the system will grow in functionality as additional add-ons get ported. I already use Gravity Forms and also Woo, these were critical to my decision making.

    IN answer to a few of the naysayers who were put off by its unpolished presentment, put that aside. If you are involved early on, you will get plenty of opportunity to help them bring forth with what you need. At this stage, pleasing the customers is crucial and they get that. The risk is not huge and if you are running your business on WP, in all likely hood, you are a small business and in that regard the smartest thing is to keep it simple.ZERO does that. I recommend it highly at this point. Jump in, help these guys make what you want and help them with documentation, that will benefit all of us.

    As for WordPress, there really isn’t any other platform to run your web business on…unless you have millions to spend needlessly.

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    Thank you for feeding back @rcovington, it’s incredibly useful to hear about your experiences so far with Zero BS CRM. We’re proud that you’ve chosen us and that you’re supporting us. We won’t let you down.

    We’ve been in an intense period of bug-squashing, improvement development and workflow refinement, but we’re now approaching a far more stable CRM, and as a result we’ll be able to switch over to improve the documentation and supporting marketing. E.g. there’s so many huge features we’ve added that aren’t even explained on the readme or homepage yet.

    We look forward to mastering this with you, and others like you, and will honour our lifetime price fix at whatever price you get in at. (The main CRM is and will always be, free, I mean with extensions.)

    Let’s make this the CRM we all need!

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