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    Hallo, i need a tip pls. My native side language is German and there is a difference to English. We don’t use “you” in any case. We have “Sie” as “you” to a stanger and “Du” to a friend.

    So right now this appears: Das k├Ânnte dir auch gefallen:
    But this is only usable to friend.

    I need this in “Sie” form. Where can i change/ translate this?
    It’s not in the language files.



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    @klartext-ne let us know the exact string and we will push the update. Thanks so much!

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    I have the same problem: I need the more polite version, “Sie”.
    But you cannot simply exchange “Du” with “Sie”. All phrases have to be transformed to this version.

    The plugin description shows a “Related Content configuration panel”.
    I can’t find this panel.

    Thanks in advance.

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    @cnelog @klartext-ne coming very soon! If you would like to beta test the new configuration panel sooner (where you can customize the text), please shoot us an email to hello@shareaholic.com with “beta test” in the subject and we’ll hook you up!

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