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  • This theme seems to be a abandoned– and I want to change themes, as much as I like this one.
    Has anyone found a similarly designed theme they care to recommend??

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  • I agree that it’s really too bad about this theme. I tried searching the themes page using “minimalist” and found quite a few that looked somewhat similar. Even twentytwelve might be workable – and that’s certainly a great theme (and WILL be maintained and supported for a long time to come).

    If you find one that’s close, you can always customize it further…

    Care to share any good ones?

    Hi guys.

    I’m using the theme version 1.5.2

    It works fine and I don’t want to update – do you guys that is okay from a security point of view?

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    You can take a look at the versions 1.5.3 and above here:

    Look at their readme.txt files to see what you’re missing out on. I don’t know if the theme’s author explicitly says they have fixed security flaws there, but it is plausible if they do between updates.

    Alexsouthwriter– does it ‘play well’ with WordPress, etc. I had so many problems with it. It’s gorgeous, but totally crashed when I updated WordPress. That could have been for a multiple of reasons and we solved the problems, one way an another.. but it makes me hesitate to go back. Especially if there are security issues.

    It looks like what I’ll be doing is creating a child theme of 2012, adding a header *above* the menu bar and a footer– which are the things it’s really missing. The thing I really liked about Brunelleschi was the not-a-black-bar menu — the other thing was the lines under the header font… those were really nice. But it feels like time to move on, sadly.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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