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  1. butterandguns
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I work with an non-profit organization that has a lot of really cool video, audio, and photography that they want to showcase on their (currently non-existent) website. They are artists, dancers, and musicians so there is very little computer knowledge to go around. There is also very little money to go around so we cant really pay for someone to build a site for us.
    I am by no means a computer expert but I do have more knowledge than anybody else in the organization. I decided to make a site using wordpress since I wont need to learn massive amounts of html.
    What I need is a recommendation for a theme that can be used to display a lot of video, audio, and photography in a cool way. Any recommendations???
    I know this seems pretty simple but I could really use the help.
    Thank You

  2. seejee
    Posted 7 years ago #

    depends on what you mean by a 'cool' way.

    lots of themes such as 'viewport' for example display images and videos in a neat way. often times these can be a bit more difficult to implement as well as update.

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