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  • EclipseDesignConcepts


    Hi! I’m not a plugin developer so what I am about to ask/say may be totally off base and if it is, I apologize. But as many others, the ongoing issues with the updates have been the source of much frustration for me, and worse, anger for many of my clients whose sites I have used this plugin on. I am now finding I have to spend many hours rolling back the plugin on many many many sites.

    Having said that, updates are generally great and show that you care about your product and users so kudos for that! And, having problems rear their ugly head is sometimes an unfortunate part of that. However, when the issues are of this scale and magnitude, is it not easier on everyone, developer and users alike, to send out an update to your users that actually takes the plugin back to the last fully functional version? That would then leave your team much more free to work on all the issues that came up with the last update in the background and with willing beta testers before resubmitting that version to the lot of your users.

    Like I said, I’m not a developer so what I am proposing may not even be possible, but if it is wouldn’t it alleviate the frustration of your users and the absolute inundation on all of your support forums with complaints of issues, giving you and your other developers time to focus on repairing the version?

    🙂 This is not meant to upset anyone, just feeling frustrated myself and this thought is one that kept coming back to me so I thought I would pose the question/comment here.

    Thanks! I hope this all gets worked out soon!

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  • Plugin Author photocrati


    @eclipsedesignconcepts: Thanks for the question and thoughts. Not upsetting at all, and very reasonable question to ask given some of the issues. I’ve written an open letter that addresses this point, among others here:

    I’d add some thoughts here, but I think that says it as well as anything. Thanks. (Erick)

    There are some things that I cannot believe that are right. You say, that most of the issues have been solved or concern only a rather small number of users.

    On the other hand, this Plugin now has surley the most complaints or “not woking” votes among all popular plugins. And all that since version 2.0. (And that does not even include the problems raised in other wp-forums.)

    So why not admit, that this has been not the best piece of work and think about the thousands of users, that have started working with this plugin when Alex Rabe developed it – and never had to think about any problems, because it simply worked in these days?

    EclipseDesignConcepts is one user that spent hours. All together there have been thousands and thousands of hours been wasted.

    I would also suggest to go back to 1.9.13 and countunie developement on this basis (and keep it simple and slim, because this massive extension of code that you brought in with 2.0 simply does the opposite of what everybody is trying to do: reduce requests, improve speed.

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