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  • Hi I’m new to wordpress and it seems to be really straight forward! I want to create a gallery where users / contributers can upload their pictures for a street festival we are having. I’ve installed photsmash and lightbox 2 and it all works well. The only thing that is missing is that although photosmash creates thumbnails, what I need is for photosmash to resize the picture that the thumbnails link to. I know the users of the site won’t have any photo editing software and will probably upload the pictures as is so I’m just getting really big pictures that fall off the edge of the screen.

    In a nutshell can I configure photosmash or is their another plugin that will resize the uploaded pictures to a more manageable width and height.

    Once I’ve cracked this I’m sorted.



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  • Just thought I’d mention that I have found the settings for editing the width, height, maintain aspect etc for the generated thumbnails in the photosmash settings, I just need something to do the same for the actual pictures but can’t seem to find it. Does Photosmash give you these options, or any other plugin?

    bump any ideas?

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