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  • tenguzero


    So I’ve just decided to venture into the WP world to see if it could do what I’m looking for (tasks far beyond blogging), so forgive my newbness. At any rate, I would like to be able to have users enter information for an item they’ve found (location, address, contact info, etc.) and have this update a database that other users could then search by plugging in their zip code, and a desired item — at which point the plugin (same or another, whatever is needed) would parse the information and return results.

    Tom finds “object A” at so and so location, and enters this info into a couple fields.
    Jane then visits the search side, supplies her zip code “object A” and it returns the name of “object A”, and locations near her that provide this object.

    I’ve found plugins that work with Google Maps API, etc., but figured I’d ask around for any recommendations before I spend lots of time messing with these things. Thanks!

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