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  • Hello,

    Im trying to find a share plugin that fullfil my needs. Today, I use the Share button of FeedBurner, but it doesnt offer the email option.

    What I need:

    1) Only text, no icon (ShareThis is great, but the icon screwed it up)
    2) The tag, because I will not use it as widget.
    3) Email, Twitter, Delicious and Stumble Upon. That`s it

    I thank you all in advance!

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  • I’m not sure but I thought ShareThis can provide a text link too. AddToAny is also quite popular. All of these route through a 3rd party (plugin vendor) site so you might want to get the paid option. I guess both ShareThis and AddToAny provide the scripts for a self-hosted install.

    i use ‘share-this’ in my blog page.


    Upon clicking the highlighter button: visitor’s mouse cursor changes to a pen and s/he can highlight any part of your web-page – in color. Mouse over any highlight and post it to **any** Social Network or Social Bookmark site.

    Easy Share: helps visitors promote your site.

    * Share highlights with anyone
    – No special software needed
    – No signup needed
    – FREE
    – Makes sharing very effective since readers can immediately focus on the highlights while keeping the context and content intact.
    * Share using: **E-Mail**, **Blogs**, **IM**, **Social Networks**, **Social Bookmarks**, **Forums**, Comments. or any medium!
    * Puts a Micro-wrapper around the functionality of AddThis, ShareThis,
    * AddToAny etc. so that readers can easily draw attention to what they want to share on your page without having to go through the tedium of copying parts of a page, and pasting them into email with a link. Does it all automatically for the user by **simply using a highlighter pen** that is familiar to everyone regardless of age, sex, race, religion, or geography!
    * Post to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, delicious, digg, hi5, Technorati, Google, Yahoo, Bebo, BlackPlanet. over a 100 such websites.


    * Automatically & instantly shortens URL (generates a MicroBookmark)
    * **MicroBookmark goes directly to the highlighted portion** on your page and can have a custom name such as

    Viral links to your site:

    * Automatically & instantly posts a link to your site
    – on our Home Page,
    – our **Collection** of user generated Highlights,
    – that reader’s blog and/or Social Networks, and
    – in a **peer-to-peer** mechanism on ALL Social Networks, and Blogging Platforms using the related “My Highlights” [sidebar widget]( ‘Learn about it’)

    * The link to your site is posted with the implicit endorsement of
    – being selected by “a known person” (friend),
    – as being “interesting” (relevant!)
    thence ensuring maximum visibility and credibility of your website.


    * Uniquely remembers & restores highlights for each user (without asking anyone to signup)
    * Email the highlights to anyone
    * Anyone can see shared highlights (no special software needed)
    * Post the Highlights to ANYWHERE
    * Fast
    * FREE
    * Intelligent AJAX: does all this, without visitors ever leaving your page


    Valuable tool

    Natural Publishing Tool

    * Commonly used in the offline world
    * **Insofar missing in the online world!**

    Business Intelligence:

    * Gets you insights on what your visitors are interested in: tells you what
    * parts of your page are of interest to your audience

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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