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  • Viruthagiri


    I’m searching a social connect plugin which allows users to register/login using the following sites and support MULTISITE 1)Facebook 2)Twitter 3)Google 4)Yahoo 5)Others (optional)

    I’ve tried many plugin but none of them met my requirements. Plugins that support facebook,twitter,google,yahoo has security issues.

    I’ve tried otto’s simple facebook and twitter connect. It is a good plugin but it doesn’t support multisite, also there is no yahoo connect.

    Social connect has everything,support multisite, but its not working properly. Many times its not redirect to the dashboard after connect.

    I tried wordpress social login plugin too. But after connect its just fill dummy emails for everything even you connect with google,yahoo,etc.

    I don’t want to use third party plugins like janrain,gigya etc… Because after some limit i need to pay money to use their services.

    Is there any good plugin available that support multisite and has high security,facebook,twitter,google,yahoo connect features ? Thanks

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  • vbk100


    bc_oauth is only the plugin which can be considered as alternative to Social-Connect. It support all the networks you asked

    But the plugin is not updated for a while. I have checked it on WP versions upto 3.2.1 and worked well. Please update the thread about your experience with it

    There are 2 or 3 other Third party services alternative to Gigya and Janrain. But they are just like Gigya and with more restrictions

    And do you know…Gigya ‘s premium plans start from $1200 🙂



    Hi is there any documentation available to setup bc_oauth plugin. I just installed it in my server. I’m using wp 3.2.1 . But i have some problems. After login its redirecting me to the home page
    When i use its again showing login form.
    I think i filled something wrong while creating apps in google,linkedin,yahoo etc. So is there any step by step instructions available?

    Where should i signup for google?
    I used this link
    What should i fill in “Target URL path prefix: “?

    It gives me this warning message.
    “The application that directed you here claims to be “”. We are unable to verify this claim as the application runs on your computer, as opposed to a website. We recommend you deny access unless you trust the application.”

    Viruthagiri did you get any solution for this?

    What was your choice finally?

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