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  • Hello, thought I would post to the community here with a request to help me locate 2 plugins that will suit our needs. Please note the requirements for each.

    1. Social Bookmarks

    • Must be 100% self-contained and run on the local server.
    • NO 3rd party script calls, or cloud based JS files, css, etc.
    • Should ideally allow use to use custom icons for each social network.
    • When clicked, each social bookmark link must link directly to the social networking site and not through a “service” that redirects the user.
    • Absolutely no data mining, tracking, analytics, etc. We’re looking for clean plugins only.

    2. Related Content

    • Should ideally create post thumbnails or use existing images (featured images).
    • Should ideally use its own table(s) instead of WP’s default tables to keep data separated and organized. Also allows for very clean plugin removal.
    • Links to related content must be direct and NOT redirected through a 3rd party site.
    • Absolutely no content sharing with other sites in a network. Strictly limited to related posts for the site it is installed on.
    • Absolutely no embedded links, analytics, data mining, tracking, cookies, etc.
    • Plugin should be 100% completely contained within itself with no calls to external sites, external JS files, css, etc.
    • Ability to style the output would be a bonus, as would the ability to choose between using bulleted text links, or thumbnails, or thumbnails with headlines/short excerpts.

    In both cases, we will entertain paid plugins to do the above.

    If you are aware of any plugins that can do the following, or a plugin developer with a proven track record who could create plugins using the above-mentioned criteria, please post them here.


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