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  • Hi,
    Just wondering if anyone can make a recommendation for me. I’m currently workign with a team that are rebuilding a charity website for kids. This site has a publicly available site (basic promotional info) and then a secure section where the parents can log in and view secure/sensitive information. In the secure part of the site, we’re going to have a calendar that shows fundraising events that are coming up.

    Ideally I’m after recommendations for a plugin.

    I want to for the parents to be able to choose an event from “the list” and view basic information (such as dates, description, etc). I’d then like the parents to be able to view more information and sign up for different job associated with that event. For example: if we were running a bbq, I would need volunteers to chop onions, cook snags, take money etc. Sometimes the events are really easy (such as a bbq) and sometimes they’re a bit more complicated and require people to hand out flyers in the weeks ahead, collect equipment from the next town over, etc etc.

    I’d like the parents to be able to sign themselves up to a job to help make the event happen.

    Its a big ask I know, but if anyone has any recommendations please let me know.

    chat soon I hope!

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