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  • I’m looking for an ISP that will host my WP site, ideally no monthly bandwidth limits and will also allow pop3/imap and one that will let me run crons so that I can use the blog by email feature…any suggestions?

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  • There is no such thing as “unlimited” bandwidth. Any host who says they are offering unlimited.. well, stay away.

    How about

    4.00/mo gets you:

    1000 MB space
    20 GB traffic new!
    5 MySQL/Postgre DBs
    100 FREE subdomains

    Auto responders
    CLAM antivirus
    SPAM protection
    1000 FREE email accounts

    Bonus From Overture!
    Shopping Cart
    Shared SSL
    Custom error page
    Search engine submission

    PHP, Perl, Python
    CGI scripts
    FrontPage ext
    Traffic stats
    Unlimited FTP acces

    Lots of Diskspace & Bandwidth
    from $3.95/mo!
    99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    World Class Data Center
    FREE MySql & SQL Server
    FREE Email and more
    Dedicated and virtual server
    options available

    On dreamhosts site they seem to have a special offer:

    ‘Sign up for any of our shared hosting plans during the first two months of 2005 and we’ll give you triple the normal amount of bandwidth and disk space for as long as you keep the plan active!’

    I’m wondering how many domains registered elsewhere godaddy will allow me to use? Anyone knows?

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    I’m with Dreamhost as well. They have some quirky approaches to things, they’re not quite state-of-the-art, and I’d personally call their service “adequate” instead of stellar, but they are very well-established and you get a lot for your money. They’ve also got a one-click WordPress installation that’s quite handy for getting started.

    If you sign up with them, try putting in 777 as a promotion code and see if their “year for $0.77/month” promotion is still valid. I used it and I’m getting 120GB bandwidth and 2.4GB disk space (they tripled it on all their current customers too) for roughly $4.35 a month for two years. If this was a brand-new hosting service I wouldn’t even trust an offer like that, but these guys have been around since 1997 so I don’t expect then to go away any time soon. For that price I can put up with having to wait a few days to get GD Freetype libraries fixed in their PHP binary.

    I have godaddy. i’ve had a few issues. Never heard of siteground. I’ve actually thought about switching to someone else. Anyone use this siteground?
    I’ve been with them for about two years now and never had a problem and they’re terribly reasonable.

    I’ve heard good things about Dreamhost, too. – used to use them, they were pricey at the time and a complete nightmare for me. My site was always down, I was moved toa new server which went well for awhile, but not for long. You have access to thier forums which is handy – but I found some of the private messages I received from the staff to be rude, and I was only looking for some help. Even though the problems were on thier end, I was the one who ended up feeling like a pain in the ass.

    I use – it’s a good value, and I have 99.6% uptime –

    For the next day or so Globat has an incredible offer -75gig transfer, 2500mb space, $1.99/month.

    I use for my sites. Good service. Even with a Drive-In movie theatre site as my domain, I don’t use all of my bandwidth.

    Be sure and read their terms of service befoire signing up. They have 4 different packages. I’ve been there since 1999.


    Stable. Reasonably priced. Good service. Good community in the forums ( One click installation of WordPress if you’d prefer that to installing it yourself.

    siteground are very good.
    they offer amazing support and have a special pack for WP users –

    You could also check out to find reviews of companies you’re looking into. Their Host Quote function is really useful as well.

    Hope that helps 🙂

    And to recommend a host… I’m with for about 6 months already and I’ve got nothing to complain about, and they’ve got awesome support.

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