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  • I currently have a dedicated server at Lunarpages but it has consistantly gone down for hours at a time weekly after being “bullied” into moving from the shared servers for using too much CPU. This has caused me to not only lose time my websites are up but important family and business emails as my email servers are on the server and the emails bounce or just disappear.

    So, I’m looking for something reliable and I was hoping my friends here could point me in the right direction. I do more than wordpress, so I need more than wordpress hosting and I need server access and MySql DB. Anyone have any suggestions?

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven are meant to be good (although my budget doesn’t stretch to them so I’ve taken the cheap option in Dreamhost) is way too secure, prices are o.k.

    Pair ( has been just wonderful for us. Helpful, knowledgeable, patient support people, and enough documentation that a bunch of non-IT types got WordPress installed and configured without having to go screaming for help.

    nmallory .. i am not trying to pitch myself or come off on these forums as a salesman .. but i can get you up and give you more than you need …. i am willing to negotiate any deal ….

    nmallory .. i am not trying to pitch myself or come off on these forums as a salesman ..

    You’re doing a poor job, then…

    resiny … i just don’t want ppl to think i am here to sale them on my hosting .. i am actually attempting to learn all i can about WordPress .. that is why i hang out here .. but when i see someone who needs web hosting … i feel it is my obligation to let them know i can be of assistance …

    oh, and i think i am doing a pretty god job .. i have only made one or two posts offering my services … and if you ask those that i helped .. i charged “NOTTA”

    Please, read the Forum Rules – the sticky post on the main page. Offering paid services is not allowed.
    You are more than welcome to give free assistance with any kind of WP issues but, please, try to keep out your business offerings.
    Thank you for your understanding.

    hyperactive – this also isn’t the first time the issue has been addressed…

    anyway – as for hosting – i’m madly in love with godaddy for all the right reasons… reliability, functionality, and best of all – price for what you get in return! has been good for me so far, decent for shared hosting as compared to many out there…

    dedicated boxes shouldn’t be down hours every week unless they:
    a) didn’t configure/secure the box well to start
    b) aren’t on top of downtime/administration
    c) don’t give a damn. 😉

    There are companies out there offering low dedi or mid-level VPS services, with hardened security installs, and managed service offerings, that won’t put you in the poor house. is a good place to dig for more info — but watch out for ‘deals’. At some level, you get what you pay for.

    All that said, site5 has, so far, gotten me great value given the price point…


    stay away from dreamhost…

    i know a lot of people don’t like godaddy’s support – but i’ve never had an issue, and i’ve been hosting with them for over 8 years now… only ONE TIME, for about 30 mins, did all my sites go down in all that 8 years. I’ve never really NEEDED to call them, because I never have problems with anything… and you can’t beat the price for the packages…

    Thanks everyone!

    Podz, I went with asmallorange and put you down as my referer. They look like exactly what I’ve been looking for. I did a lot of discussion with them before I decided. LP used to be like that 5 or 6 years ago and I think they just got too big for themselve the last year. This feels so much more comfortable and they were extremely helpful with helping me move everything over.

    Of course, I’ll be sorting things out for a few days but most of the heavy duty work is done and I paid for a whole year what I was paying for a month with LP. Now I get to demand my not-satisfied refund from LP.

    I don’t really want or need a dedicated box. I don’t even use a gig of disk space and less than 15 gig of bandwidth a month. LP just got greedy and pressured me.

    Now I can spend that extra money on spoiling my cats and my new puppy. 😀

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    That’s very kind of you 🙂

    I recommended them simply because in over 2 years around these forums I cannot recall even one post having a problem with them. I am also hosted by them for a few sites and they are excellent – their support sometimes makes even us here look slow.

    All I know is that it was highly embarrassing to be a computer professional and have my mother calling to complain that my emails are bouncing back…especially when she thinks I am a computer genius for some bizarre reason. LP was completely ruining my rep.


    Now I can go back to my simple life of making clinical health systems share data when they aren’t built to do so and read those silly chain letter email jokes my mom sends at her leisure. 😛

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