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  • I recently downloaded Recipress Plugin. I already had the Linkwithin plugin. The linkwithin thumbnails appear in the middle of my Recipe post now. The first part of the post shows up, then linkwithin (thinking the post is done) shows up, then the recipe is showing up after that. Is there any way to fix this so that the linkwithin thumbnails show up after the recipe and not right in the middle??

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  • I responded to your email. Did you get it?

    There are many plugins (including mine) that automaticly add elements and content to posts by using the content hook. Unfortunately, there’s not a sure fire way to prioritize which plugin’s output gets to come first. I’m consulting with some of my WordPress core friends on a better way to handle this. For now, there are two options:

    Use the [recipe] shortcode within your post to decide where it should output and turn off the automatic output option
    Turn off the automatic output option of your plugin and drop it’s function tag into your template
    I’m sorry neither of these are that great. Like I said, I’m trying to see if there’s a way to say, “I’m using the content hook, but I’m actually outputting content, not just extra stuff” within my programming, which will be the best for me and other developers that rly on this hook.

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