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    I’ve tried this 16 ways to Sunday, but Caldera Forms absolutely refuses to set the To: field from the Email Recipients entry. I have verified this by looking at the “Preview Last Email” report which shows the From:, Bcc:, Reply-To:, and Content-type: entries are set, but there is no To: field listed. The Email Recipients entry contains a valid address, and I have tried several different address going to different mail domains, but nothing seems to be able to trigger the use of the email address entered there to populate the To: entry.

    Could someone from Caldera please verify this bug, and hopefully provide a solution or a work-around?

    I also have the “Debug Mailer” check box set, but have no clue where that information is sent. The help text for the checkbox says, “If set, entries will have a “Mailer Debug” meta tab to see the transaction log.” I have no idea where to look for, and have never seen a “Mailer Debug” meta tab anywhere.

    Thank you.

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    Okay, I found the Mailer Debug tab.

    In the bottom portion of the report (below the body of the email), it shows valid To: and Bcc: entries, but at the top of the report, only the Bcc: entry is listed, and that address does not get any mail. The submitter’s email address does get an auto-reply.

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    Anyone at Caldera looking at this?

    Thank you.

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    Hi there,

    Thanks for using Caldera Forms. Just so you know, do not offer support for Caldera Forms via this board. You might get help from the power users on here, but to get support from us we ask that you purchase Caldera Forms Pro. This model is how we are able to offer a powerful product for free, but also have a professional team supports and updates the product every day. Plans are affordable, starting at $14.99/month with no contract.

    You can browse plans at https://calderaforms.com/pro/. If you are already a paying subscriber, you can request support at https://calderaforms.com/support/.

    Alternatively, you can join our Facebook community group and collaborate with other free users of Caldera Forms: https://www.facebook.com/groups/651862761663883

    Sorry about the hassle, and thanks for understanding that this is separate channel allows us to ensure that we are able to continue to develop great products for you.

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