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  • We’ve got our new site working nicely now and would appreciate any feedback you might have. It’s a site for our recipes that a friend and I have put together. Have a look!

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  • I like it. The navigation linkes are a little light, they’re tough to see on my monitor.

    Also, FYI, on the current computer I’m on, your sidebar wraps below the content of the page. (I had this problem on my own blog as well. The content of one of my widgets was slightly increasing the width of my left sidebar, which pushed the entire right sidebar below it on my work computer’s browser and resolution.)

    Otherwise, looks nice. 🙂

    I love how you show the stages of the recipe in photos! As a complete amateur when it comes to cooking, I’m often confused by normal cookbooks because I don’t know if I’m doing things right — your photos make it so easy! I think you site is very user-friendly, and I will enjoy checking out your recipes.

    I did not have a problem with the layout — but I am on a very large monitor with a very high resolution.

    Thanks for your comments. Think we’ve fixed the problem with the sidebar wrapping below the content, at least I can’t get it to happen on any of the browsers I’ve tried.

    nice site.. i like how the last posts are displayed in square blocks on the main page content.. did you make that script? or was it in the theme already?

    Fab site … how is the best way for me to link to you … just paste your address in to my links? here’s mine … but literallly 24 hours old so lomng way to go with it

    The script to put the previous posts into the two columns was something I wrote myself. It’s a pretty simple bit of php that just puts a post to either the left or the right based on the value of $count%2==0, where $count is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a counter which we increment as we go through the loop. We’ve changed the theme so much that we should really set it up as a new theme but haven’t got round to renaming it yet.

    your banner is about 100px too high

    @timsainb. Tried the site with a narrower banner. Think I may agree with you, gives us more space for content this way.

    I’m a big fan of this sort of website, it lays out the recipes in easy to follow stages. The bbc could learn a thing or two about recipes from this.

    I like it. Neat, clean, clever layout and elegant design.

    On my Mac with Safari 3 the “Information” headline wraps into the next line and covers the “about” link.

    I think the arrangement and presentation of the info is extremely effective and well done. What I don’t understand is why you’ve chosen a color scheme and a header graphic that have absolutely nothing to do with food? The overall appearance of the site could be much more appetizing.

    Made a couple changes to the graphics on the site, a bit less grey now. Added a custom RSS button too. Think I should probably stop tinkering with it now!

    Looks good, nice and easy to navigate. Clean design and well laid out.

    How are you posting the recipes? Are they entered by hand one at a time or do you have a custom template you use for them?

    I’ve been trying to find a good recipe entry plugin for a friend’s fmaily site. they want to collect recipes from around their family and put them all online. Best I can find so far is hRecipe but it requires you to create a new post and have each user submit it through the dashboard. This *may* work but I’d prefer to find something that works like a Contact Form and allows users/readers (i.e. family members) to submit their recipes for review and approval, then get displayed somehow.

    Anyone have a suggestion for accomplishing this?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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