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  • wpgeanie



    My blog is based solely on recipes and I would like to insert a recipe card template into each post. The recipe card plugin works perfectly but I’m afraid the plugin may crash one day, and there goes my whole blog since it will be dependant on that one plugin to work.

    Is there any way I can insert a recipe card template manually, so I can be 100% sure it will be working at all times? Many times plugins crash and have issues, so it makes it a little shifty to have to blog completely dependant on one plugin to work.

    Right now i am using a child theme of twenty 11.


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  • Jayce53



    The EasyRecipe plugin stores your recipes in the post data itself. So even if you deactivate (or even delete) the plugin, your recipes will still be there and viewable, albeit without the fancy formatting that EasyRecipe supplies.

    As is the case with any plugin, you might still have a problem if it crashes, although it’s currently running on around 10,000 sites so we know it’s pretty stable! But at least you know you can disable it temporarily until it’s fixed and not lose all your recipes.



    Thanks for your help!

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