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    Does “Recently Viewed Products” function of WooCommerce still work or not?
    I’ve been added “Recently Viewed Products” element to Single Product Page template by Elementor and by plugin “Recently viewed and most viewed products”

    But solutions I’ve ever tried all didn’t work even I switched it to Twenty Nineteen, Twenty Eighteen theme and made sure WooCommerce updated.

    I also tried to turn off “Coming Soon” status, clear all cache, checking it by different browsers including private mode to make sure it’s not caused by cookie or cache issue, but nothing’s changed.

    Here’s my Single Product Page template.

    Recently viewed and most viewed products

    I spent so much time on this issue, trying many way including searching relative discuss on StackExchange and the support area of Elementor on WordPress plugin site, but still don’t know what the problem is and how to solve it.

    The test result from Elementor Pro Below is why I think I need to make sure the function first with you(WooCommerce):

    I even tested to clear my cache and the Customer Sessions in my Dashboard > WooCommerce > Status > Tools to see if it could reset the sessions. I also tried different themes including OceanWP theme that you are using but got the same result.

    You rather need to report this issue to WooCommerce since we do not have control over the codes behind their Widget and that they would be in the best position to address this particular issue.

    To at least give you an idea, they actually might require for you to add a custom function to your theme or child theme’s functions.php where you need to set the cookie equal to the product ID for the product to be stored or saved in the cache. However, WooCommerce would be in the best position to provide you with the proper solution to this customization.

    Could you help me to make sure whether “Recently Viewed Products” function is still supported or not?

    Thank you,

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    Hey @yanggh,

    We’re not going to be able to troubleshoot issues with third-party plugins so it’s best to create support topics for those specific plugins in order to get help.

    You can certainly test that ‘Recently Viewed Products’ still works using the core widget; I’ve tested it with WooCommerce 3.7 and it’s still working.


    Hello @shellbeezy ,

    Thanks for your answer and let me know the function still works using the widget.
    I know you are able to troubleshoot issue with third-party plugins, it’s reasonable.

    Is this function available either as a row content in a page or a template?
    That’s what I think maybe I should confirm with the official support forum of WooCommerce.
    I had tried to find related discuss or case studies to seek, to prove the answer before, but got nothing relative enough 🙁


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    Plugin Support Jesse Pearson


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    @yanggh From what I can tell the widget itself still works:

    Link to image:

    From what I can tell, there are no functions outside of the widget itself to display recent products in any other form.

    Plugin Support EtienneP


    We haven’t heard back from you in a while, so I’m going to mark this as resolved – if you have any further questions, you can start a new thread.

    Thanks @etiennep , I’ve tried it with widget and it works.
    May I know why it’s no functions outside of the widget?
    Does it mean there’s capability to success through coding so that it could work in page with shortcode made by 3rd party plugin?

    1. Recently Viewed Products for WooCommerce


    2. Recently viewed and most viewed productsBy CedCommerce

    As @shellbeezy said in previous reply, I see you are not going to be able to troubleshoot issues with third-party plugins.
    I just want to know whether the expansion capability matters or not for WooCommerce about showing recently viewed product in page .


    Plugin Support Jesse Pearson


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    @yanggh It is possible that other developers have copied or mimicked the functionality in their plugins and added the option to use a shortcode for Recently Viewed Products, it’s just not something that’s built into WooCommerce core at this time.


    Understood, thanks for your confirmation.
    And, I’ve found some solution, testing successfully just need to do CSS work.


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