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  • I have recently switched hosting and my DNS Servers are pointing to a different IP address.

    What file can I edit to get my blog back up and running so I do not lose my 100 pages of entries?

    I have uploaded my whole website to my new server via ftp and I still have access to my old server for about another month.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

    Pete Sharpe

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  • Hey Pete,

    Besides the files you’ve put on your server (that have your post images etc) you’re going to need the contents of your wp database on your old server/host to load into the database you’ll have to create on your new host. May as well create the exact same named database and database user and password for now…

    To get the contents, you could ask your old host for an SQL backup of your old wp database (or do it yourself if you know how). Ask for full data and structure so that the SQL will create the tables if they do not exist…

    I’m generalizing here, but that works for most setups. If your db is huge (you use zipcode lookup tables or country info etc) you may run into PHP timeouts/sql file size limitations even if you choose a compressed sql file, but let’s cross that bridge if you come to it!

    Look in wp-config.php for the name of the db that WP uses. You’ll have to setup the exact same thing on your new host.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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