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    We discovered a problem that appears to be due to the current version of Restricted Site Access and that is affecting jQuery UI dialog boxes. I’m testing with version 7.2.0. Not sure how long we’ve had this problem but it’s probably only been a few months on my development system.

    When Restricted Site Access is activated, our dialog box title text is enlarged and the small “X” box at the right side of the title bar that’s used to close the dialog box has a second “X” that’s offset from the other. When Restricted Site Access is deactivated, the dialog box title bar is normal.

    We do see some code in your js file that directly targets the dialog box header and for which we don’t see filtering by any other means to make it specific to your use of the dialog box. I suspect something like this is causing the problem.

    The page link provided with this message is to an image that shows the problem. At the top is the way our dialog box should look and does with Restricted Site Access disabled. At the bottom is with Restricted Site Access enabled.

    I’d appreciate it if someone could look at this.

    Chuck Scott, Pres
    Gaslight Media

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Support Tung Du


    Hi @n8dnx,

    Can you give me the name of the plugin with jQuery UI you are using? It’s easier for us to reproduce the issue.

    Mr. Tung Du:

    The suite of some 18 plugins and add-ons we developed for membership association management are not available to you. It was while debugging the appearance of a dialog-box for one of these that I found your plugin was not being selective when setting classes for jQuery UI Dialog boxes. For example from your admin.js file…

    $( ‘.ui-dialog-titlebar-close’ ).addClass( ‘ui-button’ );

    This may be one of the issues causing the problem with the close button on the dialog box title bar. It doesn’t have a selector to limit it to only your code, so it would affect all dialog boxes in the admin of the site. I didn’t look further so there may be others.

    I’ve proceeded with your plugin deactivated on my development system and thought I would let you know about this problem. Fortunately we mostly use the Restricted Site Access plugin on development versions of our customer’s sites, so we can work around it, but I suspect that others may have this problem and not know why.

    That’s about all the direction I can give you at this point. You might try adding another dialog box in unrelated code to see the effect.

    Chuck Scott
    Gaslight Media

    Plugin Support Tung Du


    @n8dnx Thank for the reply! I created an issue in our Github repository (which is our main way for communication and development of RSA) for this support topic, please follow and continue the discussion here:

    Plugin Support Tung Du


    @n8dnx I couldn’t reproduce your issue. What is the version of jQuery UI Dialog you’re using? Can you give me a sample code you use to create a dialog (that has the issue with RSA)?

    FYI, I reviewed the line you gave me and the Dialog API docs, the ui-button class will be always added to .ui-dialog-titlebar-close button, although that line does nothing, it won’t break anything.

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