• Unfortunately, while I appreciate the plugin, the lack of update testing has caused us a lot of problems.

    On one update we had a promotional pop-up from Popupmaker replace all our existing popups for all our users even though we didn’t create that. They decided to automatically create a pop-up self-promoting their product, which has absolutely no sense.

    On another update we lost all our triggers, events and styling/popup configuration on all our pop-ups.

    Do better testing guys, we don’t have any advanced configuration/customization but merely some simple pop-ups, it’s unacceptable to lose all the configuration by just updating the plugin.

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  • Plugin Author Daniel Iser


    @cristimacovei21 – First, sorry to hear you had issues.

    Losing data sucks, but to be fair there have been no changes in the past year that change or muck with data at all. In fact likely 2 years since that occurred. This would be further evidenced in that there were no mass reports from other users with similar issues, meaning it likely did not come from our plugin’s code (or lack of testing).

    Second not sure what you mean by promotional popups, the only popup auto generated by our plugin is set to be disabled by default and meant as example for new users, not promotion.

    That said if you had something reset post_meta data or delete it for those popups, it would cause settings loss, and could have even caused a disabled popup to become enabled, but we have no functionality that could cause that fortunately, so hopefully a one time glitch, but it would be a safe assumption the original cause still exists even if our code is gone.

    Take care.

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