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  • Resolved digofreitas


    I’m using this for a while and it always worked very well. Thanks for all the work!

    But recently the last two updates (6.3.19 included) came with a problem on the stats dashboard widget.

    I have fixed this commenting the lines involved. The file is:


    On function:


    Specifically on this line:

    $list_data = yikes_get_mc_api_manager()->get_list_handler()->get_lists();

    Please, consider checking and fixing the problems.


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  • Plugin Contributor yikesitskevin


    Hi @digofreitas,

    Thanks for letting us know – I will look into this – apologies for the issue.

    I’ve seen some Dashboard issues with previous users who had older versions of PHP. Do you know which version of PHP your site is running on?

    Let me know,

    My host is using PHP 5.6.30

    Sadly I don’t know if they have intention to upgrade it soon.

    Plugin Contributor yikesitskevin


    Hi @digofreitas,

    I apologize – this ticket slipped off my radar.

    Can you try turning debug mode on via the settings? (Here is a KB article explaining how to do that: After debug mode is turned on, can you go to the homepage, and then go back to the debug page to see if an error was logged?

    Let me know,

    Plugin Contributor Tracy Levesque


    🏳️‍🌈 YIKES, Inc. Co-Owner

    Hello @digofreitas,

    Were you able to try Kevin’s suggestion, above?

    Let us know.

    Thank you!

    I tried, but no log was written. I had enabled the debug mode and reloaded the dashboard, but nothing was caught.

    Screenshot (portuguese):

    Plugin Contributor yikesitskevin


    Hi @digofreitas,

    I think I found the solution. But because I cannot replicate the error, I can’t properly test it. I was wondering if you would like to test it yourself? If not, that is not problem as I will push a release later today with what I think is the fix.

    If you would like to test the fix, open up the same file as before (admin/partials/dashboard-widgets/class.list-activity-widget.php) and locate the same function (list_stats_dashboard_widget()) and change line 71…
    if ( isset( $list_data['error'] ) ) {)

    Change to: if ( is_wp_error( $list_data ) ) {

    (really the change is just changing isset( $list_data['error'] ) to is_wp_error( $list_data )

    After you’ve made that change, uncomment out line 69 ($list_data = yikes_get_mc_api_manager()->get_list_handler()->get_lists();) and refresh the dashboard! At the least, you should see an error message in the debug console now.

    Let me know,

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    Hi there

    With this change I could finally see a log that describes the real problem: my API key was disabled (and it was marked as “posted in public” — IDK why), so I created another one and changed in the plugin, so it worked.

    Anyway, I recommend to keep this change or even add more API Key validation checks and send messages to the user about this.

    Thanks for all the help!


    Plugin Contributor yikesitskevin


    Thank you so much for testing that Digo. I will push a new release today with the current fix, and will look to add another check for the API key and a proper error response going forward.

    Sorry for the issue – thanks again for your help – hope you enjoy the plugin,

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