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  • Plugin worked fine and did its job great until the recent update just ruined all my plans. I tried to fix it but errors all over. I backed up and deleted everything related to the plugin. can you tell me where the post settings are stored?
    I’ve had mass placeholder hidden posts, but now the plugin is gone those posts are visible. I wish you never touched the plugin man…

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  • Broke for me as well. Hoping for a fast fix.

    Us as well… many errors and hair pulling when we ran the update.

    Latest update took my site down completely. Nice.

    same here… wrecked the site. had to disable by moving directory from ssh to recover.

    Same for me… Had to remove it via FTP to bring my site back up

    Latest update took my site down completely too. Also had to remove it via FTP to bring my site back up. What now?

    Same here: white screen of death. After usual renaming plugin folder with ftp working again.

    Just went in to compare versions and try to fix the issue, found 5.2MB of mess in an otherwise 700KB plugin, nope.

    Just now I noticed my site was giving a 500 Server Error. I contacted my provider and they helped me track down this plugin as the problem. Disabled the plugin using FTP and my site’s working again.

    I was getting 500 Server Error also. Had to get help from my host which helped me identify this update to the plugin as the issue. Had to delete it from cPannel web tools. Site up and running again without issue after plugin deleted.

    It is truly too bad as I really like the idea of the plugin. In concept it is a home run. Unfortunately, it just isn’t ready I guess.

    I also got 503 error until I delete this plugin

    Hello, I always update plugins one by one so I know that this plugin caused Error 503 –
    Service temporarily unavailable on my site
    I Log in via FTP and temporary deactivated plugin via renaming it (adding dot before name)
    and tried reload page and now no problem.

    Error 503
    Error 503 solve

    This plugin is fubar. Since Scriptburn is ignoring the issue, I suggest you go to their website where you can download version 2.0.4 which works.

    Edit: Don’t update it unless Scriptburn releases a fix.

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    Same problem. I updated the plugin tonight to 2.0.6 and it broke my site. Contacted my webhosting provider and they helped me track it down. Luckily I had an earlier version of the plugin stored on my computer and was able to recover, but the site was down for over two hours while we worked through it! Don’t update!

    I had the same issue. I got into my backend on my webhost and renamed the plugin. (Thanks, WPChina, for the idea!) I hope the developer goes over the script carefully to find whatever is giving us all this trouble and fixes it; I’ve found the plugin to be really helpful up to now.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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