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  • Hi,
    I’m here posting because, after a few hours of trying to fiddle around and fix this myself, I can’t get the recent posts slider to work on a custom static page that I’ve made. I believe the reason why is because the CSS needed to make the slider properly function isn’t getting to the static page, because the slider works if I put it on any other wordpress document (index, sidebar, header etc).

    Here is what it’s like on an original wordpress file:

    Here, it functions properly. It’s a two image slideshow with a white and blue screen, and it complies to all the settings that I adjusted–timing, width and height, posts to show etc.

    But here is what it looks like on my static page:

    Here, it shows the two images but it’s clearly not working correctly.

    I’d appreciate any help because this has been stumping me for awhile. If there are any files/lines of code/anything else relevant that’s needed to solve this, I’ll gladly upload it. Thanks in advance.

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  • I’ve finally come to a solution, this can be closed or whatever.

    By the by, I think this do not bump rule is ridiculous. Sure, it’s annoying and understandable why you guys wouldn’t want people bumping their thread every fifteen minutes, but after three days it’s likely you’re not going to receive any help, as seen by this case. Especially since, if I recall correctly, I posted this thread after midnight eastern time and few people are likely to be up at that time.

    Oh, and I read the explanation on why not to bump, but from my time browsing these forums, it looks like it’s exclusively members helping other people and not moderators, and I as a member, see no way to sort posts by “no replies”, so I’m assuming it’s moderators that have that option available. To get help from the majority (the members), they’ll need to be able to see my thread…

    But just my two cents of course.

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    I as a member, see no way to sort posts by “no replies”

    Sure there is. Visit scroll down to the part on the bottom of the forum list where is says

    All Topics | No Replies | Plugin Support | Not Resolved | No Tags

    The no reply link is

    My two cents on above:

    What would be nice is if the great WordPress forum mods would take above and output some fields to help then sort these resolved topics, that would be quite helpful…or at least list the

    All Topics | RESOLVED |No Replies | Plugin Support | Not Resolved | No Tags

    per forum section.



    Hi psyshock986. I am sorry for bringing this post up again, but i dont want to open a new post for the same problem. I have been trying to fix this on my own for couple of days now, but still nothing. Could you share your solution. Thanks.

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