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    I’d like to display the 5 most recent posts on my home page.
    And I’d like to see thumbnails with the posts.

    Is this specific to a Theme ?
    Or is there a good plugin that I could install ?

    I’m also happy to make a widget into a shortcode, unfortunately the widget plugins I’ve found are not showing thumbnails on the Home Page.

    I’ve tried different plugins but thumbnails are not showing, maybe I’m doing something wrong …

    Thanks for your help.

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  • Moderator Steve Stern


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    >> Is this specific to a Theme ? <<

    Yes. You need to find, create, or modify a theme to accomplish this.

    Hi Steven,
    Thanks for your reply.

    I’ve tried 2 different themes : Mag News and Head Blog.

    I can’t see any picture in the recent posts in the home page.

    I’ve also tried different plugins such as :
    PE Recent Posts
    Recent Posts Widget Extended

    Unfortunately, I don’t see any way to get automatically a picture in the recent posts.
    I’m sure that this is a common feature or a common plugin that a lot of people want for their web site.

    What should I do please ?

    Thanks a lot

    Moderator Steve Stern


    Support Team Volunteer

    Look for a different theme. This is theme, not plugin, territory.

    Also, if you like specific themes and can’t find what you want, ask the developers in their theme’s support area, if it’s possible. Some have so many options, it’s really easy to overlook one.

    Thanks for your reply.
    This is strange because when I look at the previews or demo from these 2 Themes, I can see pictures for the posts in the home page. I suppose that there should be a thumbnail for every recent post in the home page.

    Would you have a good, complete and with lots of features Theme to recommend me to try please ?
    I’d like to do kind of a blog : publish a blog of articles, with a newsletter to subscribe .
    Thanks a lot !


    Do you have “featured images” on your posts? I tried the Head Blog theme you mentioned, added their “Head Blog: Recent Posts” widget to the right sidebar, and it looks just like their demo: a thumbnail then the post title. I have a featured image assigned to every post, though, and that’s what the widget displays.

    I think many of the plugins and themes that provide their own Recent Posts capability or widget rely on you having set a featured image on each post, otherwise they just display the post title. Unless they’re written to specifically do so, they don’t automatically pull an image from the blog post.

    @daleducatte , thanks a lot !!!

    That was it ! I had to setup a “featured image” …
    I had an image on my Post but not setup as a “feature image”.

    Thank you so much !

    @brianflanagan: you’re welcomed, glad it worked for you, have fun!

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